B. Romanek Rockstar clutch

Aug 9, 2006
It was a complete impulse buy - stopped by Henri Bendel on the weekend and it was part of the Friends & Family 25% off promotion - and now I'm not sure whether I should keep it. I like bags that lasts and are timeless... like chanel reissue and hermes birkin/kelly.

Does anyone own one? How does the leather wear over time? Do you think its timeless?




May 15, 2007
I love the B. Romanek clutches. I have one in the light purple color. I really love the color of yours - absolutely gorgeous.

From what I can tell, they hold up fairly well. I have only carried mine a few times, but the skin and finish seems really tough. I don't feel like I have to baby it like my other exotics such as python.

As for whether to keep it - if you like it and think you will use it, keep it. If not, take it back. That said, clutches will always be in style and useful, and this one is so striking that you can wear it with lots of different outfits - casual, dressy, evening - and it will be a standout piece and a nice pop of color and slightly edgy style.


♥dreaming of Chanel♥
Apr 26, 2007
I remember all the buzz when this bag first came out and I was obssessed with it for over a year! I narrowed down my colors to the dark purple, metallic gold and silver but in the end...I never ended up getting one. They are beautiful clutches but i'm simply not much of a clutch person so I was worried that I would not get enough use out of it! Its a very unique style and I love how the crocodile leather unfolds! I would still love to get one and you must have gotten it at a good price with the 25% off!