[b]Mulberry Roxanne losing its shine! [/b]

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  1. Hi guys,
    I have a Mulberry Roxanne in Chocolate, I had it for the past 10 months and have been dutifully using Apple Care on it. Recently, after an application of Apple, I noticed that my precious bag doesn't have this leathery shine to it any more.
    Is this because of the Apple conditioner?
    Will using LMB shine restore help??

    please advice.
    Mel :heart:
  2. I don't think anybody else uses Leather conditioner on theirs - we all spray them with Collonil or water protector. I think if you are rubbing conditioning into it then that will probably make it appear more matt in appearance.
  3. Give it a whizz with Collonil as it's probably a build up of leather conditioner which is dulling the shine. The Collonil should cut through that & bring your Roxy back into prime shine condition.