[B]Masculine LV Bags ???!!!![/B]


Sep 1, 2006
... I am new to the Purse Forum, but I have a decent Louis Vuitton collection for a guy... (No bags! just an agenda and 2 belts)

While introducing myself I could mention, that I really want some masculine quality products, that really gives the impression of style rather than a big wallet with flair for a showing off … :confused1:
Which LV lines or products would you recommend?? :nuts:

I was just wondering which individual products you fought were really masculine and still hip ... it is really just to get some opinions of which bag or wallet that would suit a teenage guy, who doesn't (not that it is a bad thing) want to appear Metrosexuel ... if you know what I mean...

I was wondering about a Damier Cles??

And I’ve also noticed the Graffiti-bags-style to be “laid-back” and quite rebel … did they ever make any products in the line for men?? :wtf:
Damier Geant is totally manly lol. I have the backpack, I loooooooooooooove it!

Graffiti is all done, your only chance is ebay and you will pay top $ most likely
in the accesories line if you want a wallet I would say one in damier like the florin wallet, if you want leather I think taiga and black suhali (even if suhali in under the female collection) are very hip and discret
In bags it depends what u need the Olav Pm is pretty nice and masculine, then I have the danube and the model is masculine (I think) .............. then well, one of my favorite one but is kinda out of my range is the mohican in utah leather is Beautiful and rather big !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but well expensive :sad:
what do u have in mind??
How about wearing a mini damier pochette like latinmalemodel? put it in your back pocket and clip the chain to your jeans? I think it's quite nice on a guy.
lol, if you are serious about getting a so called man bag that would look very masculine than i would suggest getting something from the taiga collection you just can't go wrong with that like the Victor bag eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Viktor; Ardoise; Louis Vuitton; Mens; Briefcase; leat it only has a small logo and doesn't scream louis vuitton and you could also steal a Damier Geant Loup messanger for $860, eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Damier Géant Canvas Loup Louis Vuitton, just let us know if you need any help thats why we are here for:yes:
I think that i've gotten better advises here than any of the Louis Vuitton stores have offered yet ...you are great!!!

i really like the idea of a Taiga Leather Bag and maybe a Damier Cles ...

The Big Question is... Would a Damier Azur Cles be to feminine ??

I really love blue and white ... so what better choice ?? :P

I have yet to see any azur in real life... I life in denmark ... we only have a single louis vuitton store in the whole country ...

So do any of you have close-up pictures of a Azur cles ??
they are hard to find ...
I was wondering about a masculine bag that fits a lot of BOOKS !!!

It seems impossible to stay stylish in high school without looking geeky ...

All because of that a big messenger with 5 books kills your shoulder and a eastpack backpack isn't that cool ....

What is the solution to the LV-hungry (or other brands) Student ???
i think the bastille or abesses can fit a lot of books. they look cool and they are also classic styles!

i bought a damier azur cles for a friend of mine, and i took couple of photos (posted in this forum).

i think they are too feminine, but have a look at it anyway. do a search for posts started by me. it should be there