B Makowsky Regent Hobo Modeling Pics

  1. These are awful.

    You can totally almost see my butt. A sack dress is unflattering in photos if you are more than 16lbs. They are like really bad ANTM audition shots!

    But the bag is fierce.


  2. CUTE!!! You are such a beautiful girl!
  3. Haha, thank you! I gave up after these because I hate trying to take pics with the timer, so annoying!
  4. Cute! You and the bag. :tup:
  5. You are both adorable.
  6. Haha so cute!! I love the second pic, you definitely have that ANTM audition vibe going :biggrin:
  7. Nice, I especially like the color of that bag on you, it looks great!
  8. Oh, I love the bag. Such a pretty color.
  9. You're stylin, girl!! Gorgeous!
  10. You both look great!

    The bag looks sort of turquoise-ish, I have been wanting a turquoise bag for summer so this will make me start my search for real (summer will come back, right?). Enjoy that bag!!
  11. Gorgeous...you ROCK that bag!
  12. Thanks guys! I just had BF install my waterfall faceouts so that my "closet" (empty bedroom) has a wall just for hanging bags. 10 faceouts, 8 spots each...guess I need to do some shopping. Good thing my Tano is coming today...
  13. Adorable!!! :girlsigh: :flowers:
  14. cute, love the bag and on the 2nd pic u look adorable :smile:
  15. Nice bag. Looks great on you.