B Makowsky from TJ Maxx, first purchase over $100!

  1. I was feeling bummed because after amping myself up to get my first really nice bag and choosing a Tano, I found out the ones I liked were out of stock.

    I didnt have a lot of other options since I was working with a $200 budget, and to make myself feel better I hit the Maxx because a good deal always makes you feel better, right?

    Not only did I find a bag, this B Makowsky marked down from $238 to $129, but I also scored a bottle of Christian Lacroix "Tumulte" perfume for $10! All in all I still have $50 leftover and Im very happy with my purchase.

    Any thoughts on this bag or the brand in general?
  2. Great purchases! I love the color of the bag and its lining. I've seen that brand at Macy's and it looks like nice quality materials.
  3. Great color for spring! Congrats!!
  4. Great deals! I love the color of your bag. Perfect for Spring!
  5. Ha! Great minds. :p We posted at the same time.
  6. Hey, you found something! Excellent color :tup:
  7. I saw tons of B Makowsky bags last weekend at marshalls. They were cute but not my style. I did not see this one that you bought though, I love it :biggrin: Beautiful spring blue!!
  8. nice color, and I love the shine. Looks like it really pops! Congrats!
  9. Perfect spring color. Congrats!
  10. I have a B Makowsky bag I got at Macy's and I LOVE it.

    It's a hobo style with two zippered pockets on the front. Best of all it's a great yellow color.

    I think you will be very happy with your purchase! When I put my B Makowsky in my bag rotation, I never want to stop using it. I love the look and feel of the leather.
  11. Congrats- love that color!
  12. Thanks guys, I was so happy to find it! I am loving that it doesnt zipper closed, it has two invisible round magnets which is a feature I love, no wear and tear on the leather from yanking the zipper back and forth a thousand times a day like I normally do.
  13. ooooh.... love the color!!!! :woohoo:

  14. What a fantastic blue! It's really eye-catching in the patent, and very summery/beachy.
  15. Excellent choice and a wonderful bargain. Congratulations.