B. Makowsky Black Messenger

  1. Was in Nordstrom this afternoon on my eternal black messenger bag quest and they had just gotten these B. Makowsky bags in. Its pretty darn cute and relative inexpensive The only thing I'm not sure of is the tan canvas strap but its growing on me. I guess I could always have it dyed black! Its got great silver hardware and adorable paisley lining - thoughts?

  2. I have one of the of the B. Makowsky bags that I bought at macys and love it! I really like the funky lining on the inside and it's very functional. I bought this one and it was only $198. I think he started low until he builds up a client base. His wife is Kathy Van Zeeland. The design is similar to the bag I bought, and the color is saffron. Mine has no rings, and 2 zippers vertically on the front of the bag, and on the back side there is a tiny pocket for keys.
  3. Love the look of it.
  4. wow, I love that black bag! How much is Nordstoms selling it for?/IS it all leather?
  5. Its cute isn't it - Nordstrom is selling it for $158 (can you believe it!) and yep - all leather!
  6. thank you for picking out my birthday present! I really need this bag!!!
    Thanks for posting it!
  7. Very cute bag. I'm with you...I'm not sure I love the strap. Hopefully it will grow on you.
  8. A pleasure - that's what we are all here for :p
  9. Is he the same designer who sells some of his bags on QVC? If so, I really like the look of them. They look like high quality leather that come in great colors.
  10. Cute bag but I'm not a fan of the tan strap. I wish it was black leather like the rest of the bag. I've noticed that on some of his other styles as well.
  11. he is the husband of kathy van zeeland, another handbag manufacturer. He makes a great bag..

    love the tan strap, it makes it much sportier, and casual.
  13. I like this one....actually I LOVE it...hehe
  14. I saw B. Makowsky bags today at Nordstroms. The leather is super soft and the hardware solid. I am thinking about buying a white tote with an adjustable shoulder strap. When I go shopping I'd like to have a bag that would allow me to be hands-free.

    Here is the bag.
    b makowsky.jpg