1. OMG! I played Bingo with some friends this weekend at a local Indian Casino..and I'm gonna say it....IT WAS A BLAST! This was the first time I'd played this game in years!!

    Oh how things have changed from the time you put the little bean over the number on the wooden card! Electronic thingymabobs....ink doppers...and yes..I actually seen people with a cazillion cards..and their "lucky idols" lined up in a row!

    I didn't win..but one of my friends did...1000.00!

    Anyone else play on a regular basis??? I cannot wait to go again.
  2. We played when we were on a cruise week before last...IT WAS A BLAST!!!
  3. I love BINGO!!! I wanna play now!
  4. I don't play more than once a year but it's sooo fun! LOl I actually won $500 playing once! Pretty good!
  5. I love playing Bingo, but do not play it that often. I usually play for Boyds Bears or Longaberger baskets.[SIZE=-1] [/SIZE] I wish someone would have a LV Bingo or Chanel Bingo. :yahoo:
  6. I played once and let me tell you, it was a blast but watch out for the older folks who go weekly, they are vicious, mean and ruthless!:p
  7. I LOVE Bingo!! But the last time I played was in Junior High for Candy! hahaha But I know you can win a lot in Bingo. My friend used to play a lot and I couldn't believe how much she won!!!
  8. I remember playing once on holidays years ago LOL couldn't go regularly LOL
  9. i use to play bingo every christmas with family and relatives!! i've never tried it at the casino but for a chance to win $1,000, maybe i should. :p
  10. Haven't played it in years, but LOVE it!
  11. I've played but we used beans. I was like in Jr. high I think.
  12. We had Bingo Nights in college with cool prizes: cases of soda, campus cafe certificates, DVDs . . . . I once won a ticket to see The Blue Man Group.

    And we did variations of the game as well as the Standard Version: Speed Bingo (that's how I won the ticket), Four Corners Bingo, El Bingo (the numbers have to be covered in an L shape) and a version where you have to cover up the entire card.