B. Horizontal or Lockit Horizontal? Help me choose!

  1. Hello, I need your help in choosing my next bag before the price increase.

    Batignolles Horizontal or Lockit Horizontal?

    thank you.
  2. Whereabouts do u live princessdi? I'm in the UK and the price increase is already effective :sad::sad::sad:

  3. USA. I am currently living in Nevada. When did the increase take effect in UK? Is it a big difference?
  4. I prefer the BH.
  5. Lh!
  6. Lockit Horizontal
  7. Lockit horizontal for sure...
    come on go...get out of the house and drive to the closest boutique...lol
  8. Lockit Horizontal
  9. Lh
  10. i love the BH! :biggrin:
  11. I have both. love them both. really it just depends on if the 'openness' of the bh would bother you. the lockit has a zipper but also the way it's structured keeps it more closed even when the zipper is fully open. does that make sense? it's like a big alma. and I looooove my alma too.
  12. I have both bags, find the LH is dressier and the BH more sporty, if that makes any sense. Price increase is set for store openning on Wed. When I was at GSP today they had all the increases listed with new stickers and marking everything up.
  13. Lockit Horizontal for sure
  14. Definitely BH- the LH is homely IMO.
  15. Bh!