[B]Got 2nd...& 3rd bbags! Officially addicted!

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  1. After getting my first bbag, a 07 black city, I've been dying to get more... here's what I got:
    Vert Gazon Brief! :yes: I love love love this color!:yahoo: and I'm also happy with the brief. It's alot bigger than the city so it's fun to have a larger bbag.
    First photo is with flash, second without flash and third is filled up!
  2. Where r the pics???? HEEHEE and what's the third bag?
  3. :sneaky: where r the pics? can't wait to see
  4. Oops! Sorry.. I'm having trouble with my pics...
    brief.gif briefnoflash.gif briefseated.gif
  5. Then... I got something totally impractical... a metallic orange first! She's really cute and loves to go out at night :graucho: She looks brand new!
  6. My family pics... I think I really need a magenta and violet now! :rolleyes:
    Thanks to ICB for the beautiful VG brief - she loves it here in CA!
    familyflash.gif familynoflash.gif
  7. Congrats on your growing collection!! I love Vert Gazon.
  8. Beautiful BBag family! I love them all and those colors are just divine!
  9. gorgeous! congrats! yes I agree... Bbags are just no good for your wallet!
  10. YAY Congrats!!!!! That orange will be so perfect for fall!!!!!
  11. VG is gorgous! congrats!
  12. [​IMG]

    Beautiful collection!! Congrats!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  13. Woohoo, Congrats on your new collection. I do love your family potrait
  14. Congrats on your lovely collection!!!
  15. Cool! I like how you have the one super-practical standby bag and then the fun colours and shapes.