B Goodman -lists Edith Med In Stock

  1. Now On Site In Chocolate
  2. I missed it again?????????????????? I have got to quit this job if I am ever going to catch a Chocolate Edith. :sad: :lol:
  3. Darn...
  4. Daisy's Hunt for the Elusive Chocolate. I hope you nail one down soon, Daisy!
  5. Daisy can't you order one? That's what I did with mine. I ordered the new chocolate for F/W which looks like the old chocolate with Chloe. They will receive shipment in June/July.
  6. Tanya, did you pre-order with BG for the chocolate? I suppose I could get in on a list but that doesn't help in the instant gratification department. :lol: But I guess June isn't so bad!