B-Gals Expert Opinions Needed Please!

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  1. SO, what does everyone think of this bag, HONESTLY!

    And anyone own it? Know the real B-name for it?

    TIA So Much! :heart:

  2. I forget the name of the bag but there are a couple of posts on it. I've only seen it in pics and in black. Not my style, but it looks better in taupe:smile:
    I believe Bluefly or Diabro may have it on their site... sorry, not much help...
  3. Honestly, it's not my style, but if you like it, then go for it! :smile:
  4. It looks like the Clous style, except that I'm used to the Clous having those spikes on the two front pockets. Were there Clous bags that didn't have the spikes?
  5. I really like the style, though I think that I might prefer a darker color.
  6. I love it. My friend tried it on at BalNY and it looked great.
  7. I saw it in a boutique here and I liked it. It's quite edgy too! I still prefer the moto bags, though. Go for what YOU love!!
  8. I love this style. I've been eyeing it on bluefly for a bit now, and have the CLOUS wallet in this color. The color is actually verrry nice. Looks a hundred times better in person; sort of like a grey/beige that is more on the grey side (believe it or not).

    Do it.
  9. Not my cup of tea, but I do like that color though:smile: