b. fendi- which one??? help me decide!!

  1. i know i just posted about my new bag but now im starting to wonder if i should exchange it. i bought the zucca print one and now i kind of want the patent and leather one!! what do u girls think?? i dress pretty casual all the time and thats why i originally picked the zucca.. but i like the other one too. please help me decide!!

    heres the bag i bought:
    the other one that i want:
  2. I have the leather version, in both the one you have pictured and the all black. I think the zucca one is very cute and unique, but I always prefer the feel, look, smell, and aging process of leather. So my vote goes to the second one.
  3. My vote is with the first one as I think its stunning, but if you are not 100% happy with it you should get the one you want. After all its a reminder for always the present your mum bought you for your 21st.
  4. OOOOOOOOOh! I have the zucca on its way and I can't wait! I did also order the tan one awhile back but I returned it b/c I realized as yummy as it was my wardrobe is better with darker colored bags. I still dream about this one in the black however. Isn't this the most amazing bag ever??
  5. I have a linen and patent blue medium size b-bag. In this style, I really like the leather ones better. They're so cute though! They definitely grow on you. ;)
  6. 1st One :smile:
  7. I almost bought the first one too, I really like it, but I got the smaller patent and metallic one.
    Check it out...:love: :love:
    fendi buckle bag.jpg
  8. the patent and metallic one is cute!! i havent seen it in the store.. i think im going to keep my zucca print one. i think it matches my style more. =]
  9. i prefer the second one.
  10. 1st one
  11. 2nd one by a mile!!!!
  12. 2nd!!!!
  13. 2nd one - I've seen it IRL and it's :love:
  14. I love the 2nd one...definitely the 2nd one
  15. I like the zucca one better.
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