B.Fendi or Celine Clandestine


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Feb 26, 2006
Hello ladies,

I have on hold two very hard-to-get bags till tomorrow and need your opinion on which one I should get. It's the same bags shown below: either the Celine Clandestine Large in Powder (Blush) or B.Fendi Medium in tan and black. They're about the same price in Paris, so it doesn't matter:

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addicted said:
OK - now I see your clandestine pic. You're getting that exact one? That's my pick for sure!

Yes it is. There's only 1 or 2 pieces in each of the Paris boutiques I called and it's terribly hard to find. I was told that only the ivory and black are available in the US and even then, probably in May. I had to practically beg them to put it on hold for me because they are so popular.

However, the B.Fendi is also a gem right now. They will only have it on Friday, about 2 pieces, and if I want it I need to be there on Friday to get it. This is not some design they will repeat over and over either.