B.Fendi or Celine Clandestine

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  1. Hello ladies,

    I have on hold two very hard-to-get bags till tomorrow and need your opinion on which one I should get. It's the same bags shown below: either the Celine Clandestine Large in Powder (Blush) or B.Fendi Medium in tan and black. They're about the same price in Paris, so it doesn't matter:



  2. ur pics dont work !!! i would love to see these bags!
  3. [​IMG]

    This one is the Clandestine, the exact one in the exact color.
  4. I would probably get the Clandestine because of it's classic look. But the Fendi is probably going to be hard to get. Can you try to load your pics again?
  5. OK - now I see your clandestine pic. You're getting that exact one? That's my pick for sure!
  6. the Clandestine is sooooo pretty....looks realllly soft!!
  7. Here's the B.Fendi. Also the exact one and this is the only picture I could find:

  8. Yes it is. There's only 1 or 2 pieces in each of the Paris boutiques I called and it's terribly hard to find. I was told that only the ivory and black are available in the US and even then, probably in May. I had to practically beg them to put it on hold for me because they are so popular.

    However, the B.Fendi is also a gem right now. They will only have it on Friday, about 2 pieces, and if I want it I need to be there on Friday to get it. This is not some design they will repeat over and over either.
  9. OK, here's a better picture of the B.Fendi that is on hold:

  10. Celine- no contest
  11. Celine!
  12. Celine :biggrin:
  13. I'm going to vote for the Fendi. (!)
  14. Celine!
  15. Clandestine without a doubt!
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