B. Fendi Forever Boston Bag

  1. Sorry if posted. Please delete if so.
    I was trying to find a thread on the boston bag, but perhaps my horrible eyes just missed it. DO any of you own one? Is it about the same size as the LV speedy? Also, do any of you know if they all have the logo all over? IMO its a bit tacky do they have solids?
  2. Nope not tacky at all. This is a classic Fendi style in my opinion and is much smaller than a speedy. Just get onto Saks, jomashop, eluxury and I am sure you'll find dimensions somewhere.
  3. Do you know if it comes in anymore sizes?
  4. ^I've seen it in a larger size but never in a non-logo print.
  5. hi midg613 can u post your pics again? I just received mine today from E-Luxury and it got some very small scratches and that really bothers me so I am considering exchanging it or returning it. I do find it a bit smaller to what I though it will be. Have you used yours often? have you found it difficult to put stuff in? zipper seems a bit small too.. and it looks very delicate.. looking for some advice to decide whether or not I should keep it.