B.E. by Belen Echandia Chatter

  1. Did you see the FB post that Jackie has a new line coming out called B.E. by Belen Echandia? Streamlined and elegant is a great tagline to pull me in...has anyone seen info anywhere else?
  2. I'm looking forward for the launch of the new line!
  3. This is very cool. Can't wait to see these!
  4. Not long to wait...will be interesting to see what this line brings!
  5. Yes! They look very streamlined and seem to offer a simple look, which I like. I can't wait to get my hands on one to feel the difference in the leather.
  6. Hi Ladies

    Do any of you know whether there will be other colours available in this new line? Also is the hobo a pebbled leather? I agree Hildie, the bags are definitely more streamlined!
  7. If you click on Jackie's Pinterest links on the new line it takes you to the BE site to buy them - the blue on gold one.
  8. Tarantino, can I just say that I love your quote? So true!
  9. Has anyone ordered anything from the Diffusion line?
  10. Initially I was going for the brights like vermillion and red but then I saw the photo on Pinterest of the blue tote being modeled by the girl in jeans and now I can't decide! I do like the horizontal tote better than the vertical one so that could put the red out of the running. Unless someone knows if the horizontal tote is also gonna come in red???

    That would really mess me up ;)