B-day Options.


Which one for me?

  1. White Graffiti Speedy

  2. White MC Speedy

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  1. Hey everyone! Well, my birthday is coming up this Monday, so I need to pick out a gift fast. I have two options. I am in complete love with these 2 bags. As you all pretty much know its between the White MC Speedy or the White Graffiti Speedy.

    For the Graffiti Speedy, I buy used and maybe with due time, replace ALL the vachetta. (the price: around $1,300)

    For the White MC Speedy. either buy new from botique or eluxury.

    I need everyones help on this, thanks!

    :heart: Sophia
  2. MC speedy!! Sophia, you have been lookin foward to gettin this bag, so GET IT!
  3. That is so true girl. BUT I cannot pass up on the Graffiti Speedy. It is one of my favorite and dream bags.
  4. hmmm............. I love the graffiti speedy too............but, the only thing is that you already have 2 monogram speedies............i think you should get the mc speedy................whatevr you get, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! YAY SOPHIA!!
  5. Argh... MC... Graffiti... :love: ...
    Mh... ... get the Graffiti, the MC will be around for some time.
  6. ^ Thanks girlie!

    Im falling over the White Graffiti Speedy all over again!
  7. hehehehe......................i dunno Sophia, this is a HARD desision! ummm..........i need time to think
  8. Thanks for the b-day wishes Coture-Girl!
  9. oh oh, it's tie w/my vote -wMC Speedy, lol
    I'd go w/MC b/c it's more cheerful, though Graffiti is LE, the look can get old....*dash*
  10. The MC is cheerful, but the Graffiti is SEXY as can be.

    Ima sexy girl, i think...

  11. White MC Speedy for your birthday it is a special occasion. You can get the used Graffiti later especially since you will be replacing all the vachetta.
  12. MC speedy!
  13. Get the White MC!!!!!! You will LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got mine (as a Christmas present to myself) and I've never looked back!!!! WOO HOO! Congrats on whatever one you choose...Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:party:
  14. ^ I guess your right girlie.

    Darn, these 2 bags are pretty much amazing!
  15. i'm not a fan of the Graffiti line, and besides, you've always said you wanted a Multicolore Speedy, so go for that one :yes:. it's prettier and more feminine