B-day goodies (a day late)

  1. Okay well my BF insists that he picked these out all by himself. (you guys all remember my signature saying he was gonna get me the Damier Speedy 25...we had talked about it before) anyways, he said he saw it in FL and liked it (which i do remember him reporting back to me)

    So yesterday he didnt give me anything and I was kinda sad about it. Apparently he called on my b-day so I was not to snoop around and find it...admitedly...a very real possibility.

    So here she is....my new DAMIER SPEEDY 25...to go with my DAMIER AZUR SPEEDY 25!!! And I dont have to worry about the handles! FINALLY lol I can keep my lock on one of my purses.

    BF got me a surprise too...the Framboise Inclusion PM bracelet. Actually that I had never mentioned, I didnt even like it at first until I saw some other TPFers with it. I had been eyeing some on eBay actually! So yay!


    Sorry for the crappy pics...I am sooooo tired and just wanted to get these pics up quick!

  2. Congrats!!! Love your new bday presents!
  3. awww that's nice. congrats! they are both beautiful.
  4. yay ... congrats and happy birthday!:balloon:
  5. Wow, beautiful! Congratulations! :flowers: (Also, happy belated birthday!!)
  6. congrats & happy belated bday!
  7. What an awesome boyfriend!!! I'm so jealous of your Damier Speedy...looking at it makes me want to go straight over to elux and order one right now! And don't even get me started on that bracelet...:drool: lucky girl!
  8. Oh and Happy belated Birthday!
  9. What a lovely boyfriend! Congrats on the presents and happy birthday!
  10. thanks guys!!!
  11. i'll see if i cant take better pics later...perhaps even some modeling pics for reference.
  12. oh ya know whats weird....the store didnt give me any tags with my stuff. and i guess they transfered him to a million stores to get the framboise bracelet (med size) and when they sent it they didnt send it in that pouch thing..it just came in a dustbag. do you think i can call and ask for one??
  13. congrats and happy birthday!!!~
  14. Happy Birthday your Bf did I good job!
  15. Happy Birthday!