B-Day gift: Which is the better bag: RM Nikki in Wine or AC jet setter in Black


Rebecca Minkoff Nikki in Wine or Anna Corinna Jet Setter in Black (non glazed)

  1. Rebecca Minkoff Nikki in Wine

  2. Anna Corinna Jet Setter in Black

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  1. I need to buy a gift for a dear friend who loves both RM and AC, and I am unsure which one to get her!

    Which do you think is the better bag?
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  2. I just got the Jet Setter and it is FANTASTIC!!

    Go for it!!
  3. IMO, i'm not too fond of the shape of the jet setter and since you have a great RM collection, i would definately add another! I vote for the Nikki!!!! BTW, Happy B'day!!!!! :flowers:
  4. ^Oh no no! Its not for me! Its a B-day gift for a friend!
  5. My vote is for the wine nikki. Beautiful!
  6. I love both bags and have the jet setter. I think as a gift, the RM is better. Wine is such a hot color and she can show the bag off as a b-day gift! the AC is great too, but it looks more like a work bag that she would probably be able to get herself. The RM is just more special to get as a gift! hey gung...can we be friends! :graucho:
  7. They're both great bags. I have the AC and I love it, but I have to echo kitcat's thoughts. It's a little more of a work/utility bag and the Nikki is fun and cool. I think it would make a better b-day gift.
  8. My vote is for Nikki!
  9. I like the shape and detailing on the Jet Setter a little more, but the leather on the Nikki is better by far. Either way, what a great present!
  10. I think the RM is a better choice because the style will last longer. The Jetsetter will be out in a season or two, but the Nikki is a basic hobo and will never go out of style!
  11. RM! The shape is pretty basic and would go well with casual or bit-dressed up outfits I think!
  12. The wine color is beautiful...and more memorable.....I bet your friend already has a great black bag...but the wine is a real eye catcher and she will have a great story about receiving it from her great friend!
  13. I need to come visit you with my Nikki - this is one awesome bag!!!
  14. Do you know for sure she likes red bags? if yes, the RM is a gorgeous choice. If she's a little more conservative, I'd go with the AC. Both are nice bags, you can't go wrong!
  15. Well, I guess there is an overwhelming majority vote here! Thanks again, ladies! I think you guys are right, the Nikki just is more fun and would make a better gift.