B. by Fendi

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  1. [​IMG]

    It is not suppose to be out until spring

    I love it
  2. The camel and black one is cute.
  3. How did you see these so early?
  4. How did you get this pics? It seems that these bags are already in the shop....I looove the camel one!
  5. Are they having their spring preview? Dior has theirs next week, I'll try to take some pics when I go :biggrin:
  6. Love the black and tan one.
  7. I dunno. That electric blue one is calling me and I don't know why? (I dont even have anything to match with it).
  8. Wear it with ANYTHING black!
  9. Exactly I love that blue , its different

    i seen it in the daily , so u know i had to search for it this is one of my must haves :biggrin:
  10. The debuted over in Milan fashion week
  11. That camel one is HOT!!
  12. the one in the bottom right corner seems cute. does anyone know where i can get a close up of that one?
  13. me 2. can anyone show me the close up? I was not never a Fendi fan, until I saw the Fendi Spy Noriko bought. I love that purse, but can't really afford it right now. Maybe the one at the bottom right will be my first Fendi.:biggrin:
  14. Where did you find that picture of the B?? And do you know how much it is? I have the SPy and love it but will want a new Fendi for spring...I find that Fendi is very much hit or miss - I love their stuff or I detest it. Last spring was awesome, this fall is so-so.

    Anyway I need more info on this B bag...
  15. Nice! I wonder what the Milan fashion week is like, probably :love:

    Hawaii is having fashion week next week, its called the World Festival. Pretty fun, at the end there is the red party. I'm totally looking forward to that, all the designer boutiques throw this huge party for their VIP clients with all these other private parties inside. I can't wait to see whats there! I missed it last year:evil: