b belt sizing

  1. hey girls!

    for those of you who have the b belt what size would you recommend for me? i'm hoping to find a size where i can wear it both on my waist and on my hips - i wear a size 25 in jeans so that's a US2-4 (i think :tup:). so my waist is 25 and my hips are about 32? i'm trying to buy one from the US since it's cheaper :graucho: and i can't be bothered to go into the store to try it on! so can anyone help? maybe even if you can't guess my size you can tell me which size you bought and what size you are in real life :okay:

    thanks! :smile:
  2. I'm approximately 27 inches at the smallest part of the waist and 34 inches at the fullest part of the hips. I also had bought my belt from the US. When I wear it on the waist I have to wear it on the innermost hole. So quite a bit of belt flaps out at the end, which doesn't look very good in my opinion.

    When worn on the hips (and I can't wear it right on the hips), it sits at 32 inches (3 inches below my belly button). I've attached 2 pics of me wearing it on the waist. I'm an Aussie size 8 (I think that translates to a US 2).

    The belt I have is 80/32. I wish I got the 75/30 cos it doesn't look very good on the hips as it doesn't get low enough. It is also kinda loose on the waist.

    When the belt is done up on the outermost hole, the inside circumference is 33 inches. When done up on the innermost hole the inside circumference is 29 inches.

    I would recommend that you get the 75/30 cos as the pics show it does look kinda funny with the excess flappage. I kinda regret getting the 80 myself. Thinking of getting a white one in the 75. Hope that helps.
    100_3459_1.jpg 100_3528_1.jpg