1. So there is a good chance that the outlets will be getting some B-Bags within the next month. I just wanted to let you guys know. And I will definitely post again when we get them in the store.:yes:
  2. Any idea which ones it might be? Any B shoes or belts? Thanks for keeping us updated!
  3. Yes! I am SO excited! Please let us know if they're coming in. I am an hour and a half from Woodbury and if there were B-Bags there i think I'd be there in about two minutes flat!
  4. No shoes or belts that I am aware of, but when I go into work I can check the styles and find out which ones. The only thing is that the description is vague, but I will still post what it says.
  5. Which colors of the B-Bags?! I've always wanted the Pink Patent, Blue and Yellow inspite I'm more of a Chanel lover! :biggrin:
  6. So we havent received them yet but I think we are getting the smaller ones with the one buckle. I think we got some in canvas and i think red and blue. I am not sure what all the colors are but I think we will be receiving them later this week. I will keep everyone posted!
  7. The smaller ones with one buckle looks gorgeous too!!
  8. thank you for telling us. I was just in the one here in town and they didn't have anything b. one of the SA had on the b pumps. I told she should not be allowed to wear those if they don't have them there in the store:p
  9. That's awesome! how can you not love the B Bag!!!
  10. Those are our uniform shoes that they sent us and it is so funny b/c everyone asks if we have them to sell in the store!:yes: