B-Bags & Trendiness

  1. I'm thinking about purchasing a bbag but I get tired of bags sometimes quickly and sell them. I know bbags are very "in" right now but I'm concerned if they still will be in a year or two. Will they maintain their value? I guess I don't really care if they're still trendy, I just don't want to spend that much on a bag and then get tired of it and it not be sellable. What are your opinions on this? I'm also wondering this about paddys...
  2. They have been in for quite a while, and I believe that b-bags have become a "classic" bag with more of a cult following. In fact, I could really care less whether it is considered "in" because I truly love love love my Ink City and plan to wear mine for a very long time to come.
  3. Easiest to re-sell bags I have ever owned...
  4. Yeah, they have the highest resale value of any bag right now. The colors are always discontinued after each season, so they've become highly collectible. Many bags sell for more than the retail price even when they're used...
  5. Will they always be as easy to sell and collectible?
  6. Well, they are easy to sell and are collectible. These bags have been coming out since 2003. Since they issue all colors except black and white once only per season, it makes it that much more desirable. I think if you compared this bag with other high-end designer bags, this one is the more reliable one for collectability and reselling. HTH!
  7. Yup!

    The advantage I think Balenciaga has is they do season-to-season colors, and only repeat colors once (they might have variations, but none are exactly alike) - this helps the resale value, as once the season is over - anyone looking for a certain color Balenciaga that is not available anymore will have to "pay the price"! :smile:

    (exactly what murasaki says!)
  8. Balenciaga bags are by far the best investment I have ever made when purchasing a bag. Besides looking fantastic, they go with virtally every outfit in my closet. They are durable, lightweight, roomy and just all around perfect to me. I own 3 right now, and do not regret any of them.
  9. I just wanted to add.... they've been going strong since late 2001/2002! That's a lifetime for a bag!!!!
  10. I don't plan to do away with mine for a looooooong time. In fact, I am just starting to build my collection. They hold their value, but fair warning: once you get your bag you might not be able to part with it! Then you will want more, and it just will never end...
  11. for me...
    its taken me a long time to get hold of the real deal! i totally love my b-bags that i have at the moment and will be adding more to the collection! i really don't care if they go out of fashion - i just love them!!!!
    i think if you're going to get one and you're worried about it not being trendy etc... stick with a plain colour eg/dark colours - just to be on the safe side
  12. This is so insanely true.. the lust never ends....
  13. They are now considered a CLASSIC!
  14. classic in my eyes. i love mine!!!!!
  15. gymangel, it's good that you don't care if balenciaga's really trendy-we should all buy a bag that we just personally love IMO. but should you tire of it as time passes, it will easily be sellable b/c certain colors are produced for particular seasons (except for black and white which is done every season) and someone who may have missed out on them will be on a mission!