B-Bags: Online Shop in the UK

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  1. Happened to be looking at www.ateliernaff.com, and found this place listed for online sales of Balenciaga bags:

    Other UK
    Cricket (Liverpool; and via web at www.cricketdesignerwear.co.uk);
    0151 227 4645

    So, I looked at the site, and there are quite a few ... including the Medium APPLE Green City that I've been coveting :love: :nuts: :biggrin: for some time!!!

    Are these for real? Has anyone purchased any bags from this site?
  2. Ceejay, thanks for the info. I am curious to know if this site is legit, too. I have been WAITING to be able to order a B bag online.
  3. I ordered the hobo. TFS says they are real, and several people here as well.
  4. That's what ateliernaff says too ... it's just unusual ... you don't usually 'order' one directly online (most of them have gone the way of Aloha Rag or Browns where you have to call them).

    Oh boy ... I've been wanting the Apple Green for SO long!! At 650GBP, it works out to ~$1135.00!
  5. I will help you help yourself - DO IT!!!:biggrin:

    J/K - it is rather enticing for you since that color is not in the other retailers any longer; and you know it is brand new. :amuse:
  6. Ooooooooh Loganz ... you're SO bad!!!! Yeah, I think I'm going to go for it, but I have to wait until the end of the week ... I've depleted my Account enough as is (just bought some jewelry!).
  7. From your experience, are their prices good? Better than US?
  8. I also saw a mini B-bag in the anis color on that site. I think it's so cute! But the mini might look too small huh?
  9. Dilemma time: I've been wanting the apple green for almost a year! Its (don't laugh) just occurred to me that I could actually have it. I don't know what to do - should I go for the apple, or wait to see the origan and emerald (which is on Brown's website and is delish!) in person before I make up my mind?

  10. I wrote them yesterday asking if they *really* had in stock all the bags shown and a kind SA answered: "Thank you for your email.If you can tell me which bag you would like,then let me know,and i can check availability before you purchase". Very nice but a bit funny: so you're able to put in the cart a non-existent object? d'oh :weird:. But they seem really legit.

  11. Hmmm ... was wondering about that. The website does seem to take your 'order' (and of course your Credit Card information). That would really be stinky if you think you are ordering a particular bag and then find out that they don't have it. I can't even begin to tell you how many times this has happened to me when shopping online. It's one of my biggest pet peeves!
  12. Cricket is a wellknown store in the UK. It owes this mostly to (all UK-ers will know her- any fashionista's arch enemy) Colleen McLoughlin!


    Icky Alex Curran ( a girl of the same footballers wife genre)

    So yes, sadly if these girls areshopping from it (nouveau riche, footballers wives types) it's real. I don't know how it works online though...never heard of that.
  13. Wasn't Colleen the dimwit who bought a heap of stuff in the US and then "forgot" that she had to declare it upon re-entry into the UK??!! Yeah, right! :wacko:
  14. Yup - we're so proud(!)
  15. I ordered a Day hobo from them. I haven't gotten it yet. I emailed them and asked when it was coming and they told me it shipped. I sent another email asking for some sort of tracking number and haven't heard back! Frustrating!