B.bags on sale at Sacoche

  1. Apologies if this has already been posted but my email only arrived today.

    I understand that Sacoche sell authentic bags. Be aware that they are in the Arabian Gulf (Bahrain I think). I have never purchased myself but know people on the Chloe Forum who are great fans of Sacoche.

    Photos and email contact info to follow.

    Balenciaga bags after 50-60% discount

    1. Lavander Bag BD260 = $693
    2. Monk BD216 = $576
    3. Small Hookline (brown and blue) BD200 = $533
    4. Small Classic (black and blue) BD200 = $533
    5. Whistle (red,blue,black,brown) BD400 = $1,066
    6. Small Whistle (red,blue,black,brown,cream) BD375 = $1,000
    7. Large Quilted (white,moka,turq,argille) BD400 = $1,066
    8. Whistle Ostrich (brown and yellow-brown) BD750 = $2,000
  2. Balenciaga Whistle 001.jpg Balenciaga Whistle 002.jpg Large Quilted (Moka).jpg Large Quilted (White).jpg lavander bag.JPG
  3. Second batch of photos.
    monk (brown).JPG monk (camel).JPG Ostrich Whistle.jpg small classic (blue & black).JPG small hookline (blue).JPG
  4. These are the last photos that were sent me. I have included all the information I have so it would be best to email Sacoche rather than me with questions.
    small hookline (brown).JPG Small Quilted (Argille).jpg Small Quilted (Turq).jpg
  5. thanks