B-Bags on Sale at Barneys NY

  1. At both the new Boston Copley and the Chestnut Hill Stores (USA-Massachusetts), they have some of the older/unusual B-Bags (suede, "shoe" bag, etc.) on sale.

    I got the "Shoe" bag (in Black) for $199!!!! Haven't really decided what I'm going to use it for, but the leather is SUPERB!!

    I was also a 'bad' :amazed: girl, and bought the 2006 Rouille Work (the leather on this bag is the B*E*S*T I've seen!).

    Just wanted to let everyone know ...

    BTW - the S/A showed me the Balenciaga orders (for all the BNY stores); what a disappointment!!! So many (way too many in my opinion) bags in Black and Nero. While they did order some of the newer styles (Afternoon, Part Time, Padded), they didn't order any of the really cool colors! The Rouge Vif will be available in the City ONLY!!! I told the S/A that their buyer needs to have their head examined!!
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  3. Ceejay! Could you be more specific about what colors/styles they had? Thanks!
  4. seriously, don't they (BNY) do market research at all :hrmm: especially on buyer's preference?:smash:
  5. okay--I called the NYC one--they don't know how to describe their styles, but they seemed to be describing the shrug as what is on sale and they had three of them--or three of some b'bag with a buckle in the middle...
    I can see that Barneys would order a lot of black--well, at least in NYC--maybe not for all their stores. Is the buying done by each store individually? In the current season, for example, they had no emerald bags at all in the Manhattan store--not a one! And although I was initially dubious about emerald, I have to admit that I do like it in a small bag as an accent. Instead, they had 2 crocodile bags which basically just have sat there all season in a glass case.
  6. CeeJay, what does the "shoe" bag look like?
  7. Black is the most popular color. I can see why they ordered so many.

    But I'm surprised they didn't order the "cool colors." Usually the buyers will experiment with funkier styles/colors and be pleasantly surprised how fast they sell. Maybe it's because of the expansion that they are being more cautious. Too bad.
  8. They had two of the smaller suede (one Black, one Tan) bags - frankly, I had never even seen this style before. It wasn't the Hook bag, but similar (probably a prior season).

    According to the S/A, none of the Motorcycle styles will be on sale (with the exception of the shrug).

    Now, at the Copley store, they had the suede large buckle / flap bags (chocolate suede, tan suede) and the 'travel/buckle' bags (light tan suede color) on sale. Again, no motorcycle bags on sale.
  9. I asked them about that ... who did the buying, and was it for all the stores or just certain ones. I was told that it was done for all the stores, and that the bags would then be distributed based on "the market" (in other words, what they felt would sell in the various areas). Yes, it makes perfect sense that the Black color would be popular in NYC, but ... gosh, this season has so many wonderful new colors and the S/A told me that people have been calling up like crazy inquiring about the new colors (they've already started a "wait" list). No one is asking about the Black ...

    As far as the Emerald ... you are RIGHT!!!! I asked for this bag, and they didn't get a single one - ANYWHERE!! Meanwhile, they had some other styles that I hadn't seen on either ateliernaff or the PDF from LuisaviaRoma, so it could be that BNY has had Balenciaga create some bags especially for them (I know that this has happened before).
  10. Like this:

    It's just a drawstring bag, 13.5" by 10.5". Great leather, cute, very useful, highly recommended! ;)
  11. Here's a picture from ateliernaff:
  12. Well, I can tell you that my shoes (size 10.5 - 11) won't fit in this bag !!!!! So, I'm going to use it to put my writing tablets, calculator, Blackberry, etc. (stuff I travel with). This way, I can keep everything in one place versus having to search around in my Weekender for everything.

    The leather is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO soft ...; this is obviously an older bag that they've had for some time ... definitely NOT the new leather!
  13. The Madison Ave store and LA stores will get most of the crazier colors. You'll see a lot of the neutrals in Boston. Sorry, but I know Barneys is somewhat conservative about the Boston market. (Their flagship is their "test" store for the crazier styles/colors.)

    But I'm sure you'll get the colors you want (as long as they ordered them), CeeJay, because Barneys will carry a couple of the rarer colors in Boston, and I'm sure you'll be the first one there! :biggrin:
  14. Thank you! :flowers:
  15. Thank you so much CeeJay for letting us know. I called both stores but they don't have this shoes bag anymore. Which store did you buy? The guy at Copley said he never see B-Bag at $199. :amazed: He is very helpful though. :yes: