B-Bags @ Loui (Antwerp, Belgium)

  1. Hi everyone, I know most of you are probably miles away, but thought I would post this anyway in case they do shipping - or you guys happen to swing by - Antwerp is a fun, hip and super trendy city !! ... anyway, Loui has lots of styles in Sapin, a black First, a marron glace First, a Camel Twiggy, a dark brown (marron glace?) City and Day and I think a Truffe or Camel Work. Lots of really cute mini compagnons, including a gorgeous bright red one. The prices are really good - euro prices are same as in BalParis (e.g. 945 euro for the City) but you get 17% back in tax if you are not an EU resident!! (only 12% in Paris). They will only get the new colors in Dec!! Staff are very friendly, but for my taste, the leather sure looks a little crackly/stiff with some exceptions - is that normal for 06?
  2. Do they have website??
  3. How do you get the percentage back? I'd be interested in the mini compagnons if someone could help me out pleasee!:love: :flowers:
  4. ^You have to be a visitor to the country jdy to qualify for the tax rebate.
  5. ^ Aw shucks! :shame:
  6. Poo, I was in Antwerp yesterday (saturday) and didn't know there was a stockist there. Skimatic, Antwerp is a fabulous city! I loved all the Greek stalls that were set up, selling loads of food! We're planning another daytrip in mid-December.
  7. Wow bummer!! I was there as well wearing my black City... ha ha we could have done the secret wave. It would have been like Encounters of the Dark Kind...! Yeah, if only Brussels was half as cool... saving grace is it's proximity to London, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Paris...

    By the way I'll post the number of Loui tonight when I retrieve their card from my car. I don't think they have a website. It's on Lombardenvest (small street) off the main shopping drag. Check out Lombardia on the same street, a flower power, vegan/veggie friendly cafe for a super healthy lunch and amazing ginger tea ... its been around for a kicking 37 years!! Not so rare for you East/West Coasters, but for poor transplanted me, it felt like... home. Vegan tiramisu anyone? (i didn't have the guts, being a strict meat/dairy eater)
  8. Yeah, it is a bummer, I had my Grey Day bag and pushing a pram. So skimatic, is Loui in the same area as Gucci, Cartier, etc? That was the main area that PHH and I were trawling. Take care!
  9. I'm off to Antwerp in a couple of weeks because I heard from my sister in law that they were selling them over there! It's going to be hard to resist:heart:

  10. Number of Louis (sorry was missing the S) is +32 32329872. If you go to Antwerp, I heard this other store might have bags too - I didn't make it there, unfortunately (pouty boyfriend)...

    Add. Frankrijklei 46-48