B-bags In Singapore

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  1. Hi,

    I'm going to Singapore for work early next month and wish to buy my first Balenciaga bag there.

    Does anyone here from Singapore know what colors are available at the moment? I would prefer to get the City. And what is the approx. price for the City?

  2. price of a GH city is SGD2699. Very expensive.
  3. Yes, BBags are very expensive in Singapore. Your best bet is still the US and if you're not based there, do purchase from Aloha Rag. You'll get more information in the sticky in the Bal Shopping forum.
  4. yeah IMO S'pore not the most ideal to buy Luxury items. It's just so friggin overpriced. Not just Bbags. They seem to be tagging to the old USD exchange rate or what. I buy locally when i am really desperate.
  5. if i'm not wrong, a RH City costs S$2,299. you can get one from aloharag w/o 3% discount at about S1,800 and shipping is FOC. of course, you don't get to feel and choose the leather and confirm colour saturation is even throughout.
  6. I was in at the weekend and saw a 2006 Sapin (dark green) regular hardware city for S$2299 I think it was. They might still have cities in turquoise and magenta in regular hardware, the rest is giant.
  7. ^ Does Bal SG still have 06 colours? Or is it the new green (Evergreen/Pine??) that you saw silverfern?
  8. Hi Jazlyn
    no it was actually sapin - the SA told me - really dark green almost black. They also had a vert thyme twiggy and a really nice truffle first all in regular hardware. The first is the same price as the twiggy though - crazy! Does anyone actually buy their bags there???
  9. ^ Thanks for the clarifications. I wonder if they have other stuff from past seasons. Will get my sis to pop in and check it out over the weekend.

    As for buying from them, I guess some people who likes to see and touch their merchandise before buying (and with too much cash to spare) will do. How else do they keep afloat right? ;)
  10. you're right... the price is inconsequential to some pple. hehe
  11. I don't think they have too much other old stock. The three I saw were about it for the first, city and twiggy styles. They had an 08 magenta day and the brown matelasse bag was 50% off and so were some of the shoes. Also seemed to have a lot of 08 turquoise, red vermilion and yellow? left in all styles.

    Only had one coin purse - anthracite with covered regular hardware and a black mini wallet and black or grey mini mini coin if I remember rightly.

    The SA said that the new bags coming in will only be in the giant and covered hardware....I prefer the regular HW so won't need to check it out from now on.

    I was shocked by the prices because I've been mostly buying from the US or ebay...was nice to go in and try all the different styles though...and the SA was quite sweet.
  12. yea, $600 spare cash. can buy a pair of branded shoes to go with the bbag.
  13. i got my bag from Singapore boutique. i was willing to pay the premium cos some models and colour combis are really hard to find! that's reason enough right...:P
  14. Hey Jzlyn,

    I'm sure Bal SG don't have anything you want! Save your $$$ for Paris:P
  15. I didn't know the boutique in Singapore carries past season colours! I thought we're just one season behind. I bought my magenta city there only to find it's SO much cheaper at the Bal online store! Will LOVE to get my hands on the Black Cherry City and vPost it back to Singapore! ^_^