B-bags in MN?

  1. I'm new to B-bags, but you are all starting to convince me that I may need a twiggy in a color in the red family. However, I would like to see them in person before buying one.

    Is anyone from MN and know where/if b-bags are available in our wonderful state?

    We do have a NM, but I stopped there yesterday and they don't carry them.

    Thank you!
  2. Could you ask your SA at your local NM to transfer a Grenat and Rouge Vif twiggy over to your store from another NM so you can decide which one you want to buy? I know most NMs will do this for their customers.
  3. Yes, that might be what I need to do. I was hoping that somewhere else carried them so that I would be able to go and look at one today (I hate to wait!!).

    Thank you!
  4. Hey CK! I used to live in the "Minni-apple"! :yes: Miss it!! I don't think anyone carries them. I wouldn't be surprised if the Marshall Field downtown started carrying them soon. They seem to be the most intuned to new lines. Either that or some boutiques in Edina....

    I never thought that NM was very strong ;-( (But I haven't live there for 9 years, so what do I know :shrugs: )
  5. Field's is now Macy's, so I'm not holding out much hope. And, yes, NM is not very strong. Their selection is limited and atmosphere stifling.
    The leader in bags around here is now Nordstrom. They are significantly upgrading their bags--just got in Chloe, Bottega (sp) and a few others. No B-bags, though. Hmmm...maybe Nordstrom could order a b-bag in. I believe that some of their other stores carry them.
  6. The only Nordies that carries them is in San Fran, but I'm quite sure that they will spread them out to other stores if they do well.
  7. Nordtroms Arden Fair carries. That is how I got my bbag. So if you don't like, you can always return to Nordies at MOA. Ask for Sarah, she is the assistant manager of the AF store and she is AWESOME!

    check the Achtung! Thread under stores that =carry bbags for the number.