B-bags in HIDING?

  1. He he he, PHH is away at the moment so I've been letting Ms. Grey Day free-range. Winston, the little turd, slept on her last night! Can you believe that????!!?? No damage, but I was a tad precious when I saw it.:hysteric:
  2. lol :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  3. I tell my girls about my bags before DH ever finds out. It was a close call with this last one. My middle kept saying,"Mommy, I like your purple bag." Fortunately, DH is color blind and can't tell the difference b/n dk brown and grenat. My neww bag, when not in use, lives behind the chair in the study. That way, it's not "hiding", it is just out of the way.
    BRIDGET - I evny you. I wish I could get my husband into bags - and I have really tried. You are one lucky girl.
  4. Aaaaaah ... look at my statement below ... I "hide" stuff in my car, so that when I do bring it into the house (and/or use it), I can *honestly* say that I've had it for a while ... :lol: !!!!

    Some things he notices and others ... forget about it! He DID notice the new Black Padded ... but he thought it was one of my old Chanel bags (... and yes, I corrected him ...!).
  5. I wouldn't say that my husband is "into" my bags. He knows that I love them, so when I get a new one, he Oooooo's over it (because he knows that his interest, even if superficial, is appreciated), even if he can't tell Coach from Chanel : )

    I'm definitely not seeing him in Saks anytime soon scoping out a new handbag as a gift for me anytime soon!

    I wish you well,

  6. My BBags are not so much in hiding as nobody knows and nobody cares. :crybaby:

    My DH doesn't comment on the bags I carry unless he finds them ugly (he hated the First in Greige, because of which, I had to exchange for a Twiggy – a much better choice). He funds all my purchases, but since I am also the one doing the household accounts, so he has no inkling how much they cost! :graucho:

    I work in engineering, so most of my co-workers are men, and what do they know about Bbags? So my BBags might as well be in hiding.
  7. I'm STILL hiding my black '03 first! But yesterday my bf bought his own Balenciaga duffle bag!!!--so he can't say anything now!!
  8. Interesting thread. I don't really "hide" my bags, but I'm aware that I take them out for fresh air with so little fanfare that no one really notices (even though my bag population has grown about 200x since spending time with you all here!! :shame: )

    I do have a couple of friends I am careful around, though. Envy between friends is something I like to avoid, even if on such a tiny scale as this. Does that make sense?

  9. ME! ME! I'm at my mom's house in Georgia for the last 2 weeks of August and she thinks I "only" have 3 B-bags...actually I have 5. :wtf: I don't see any point in telling her about the sapin and pale pink Work bags in my closet at home. She'll see them when she comes to visit at Christmas. :angel:
  10. Currently, I have the rouge 05 Day hiding in my closet. I used it a few times when I can sneak it out of the house. :lol: