B-bags in HIDING?

  1. So I used my Rouge Vif for the first time today!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: She got some major stares. At the end of the day she went back into her dustbag and back into hiding. I kind of like savoring her - but the real reason is I haven't told DH about her yet.:graucho:

    Anyone else have a b-bag in hiding?:roflmfao:
  2. OMG, this is sooooooooooooooooo funny (lol!!!) :P...guess it's confession time gals...i don't have pictures all of these yet, but i've got these babies under my bed, awaiting their debut: :tender:
    • ink weekender
    • origan courier
    • rouge VIF ni compagnon*
    (*this baby followed me home today :shrugs:)

    guess my new little wallet means i can finally join the "rouge VIF club" (watch out chigirl, you can't resist forever ;))
  3. Nah, none in hiding, my BF is so oblivious to such things I don't need to...very lucky in that way :graucho:
  4. I'm lucky, too. DH knows about all my bags and doesn't have a problem with it. He even could understand when I was panicking that by the time (end of Sept.) we're in N.Y there aren't any roge vif works left so he told me to get one now, isn't he such a sweetie!!! I couldn't hide the bag expense from him as we just have one account with cc for us both so he would find out immediately the bill comes.
  5. ^^right now,none!!
  6. my magenta city, i took her for a strolls for a few dyas when i'm going without my bf.
    i went out with my classique , put city in dustbag.
    then when i'm out of his sight, i took my city out and put my classique & the dustbag inside the city.
    when i'm home, i took out my classique & wore it, and put the city bag in dustbag. if i walk quickly enough, he won't realise that i carry a dustbag in my other shoulder :P
  7. Lol - my Grey Day and Magenta Shoulder. They'll be "coming out" as soon as I've send out my bag that I sold.
  8. my sapin city was hiding in my car boot and now in my walk in closet.
  9. I'm so glad i'm not alone in the "Spy-Game" world of b-bag hiding! :roflmfao:
  10. my sapin city was hiding in my car boot and now in my walk in closet.
  11. I can't hide anything! I am too excited!!! I have to tell and ask if I can buy before I do so! I will not tell him about my new black clutch though! He won't notice that!:lol:
  12. Oh yess... clutches, coin purses, wallets and wapity are small & out of sight, they don't need to be "introduced" :lol: And I keep some bags out of sight until I sell other so I could say "I sold the other one for this"... He'll never know:roflmfao: But most times I just start to use it w/o ceremony... He'll see it eventually, and he now knows better than to trust me when I say "this is the last one, I swear."
  13. lol, is mister winston kitty still in hiding with your b-bags Cal-gal (?) :shrugs: :P :roflmfao:
  14. I also hide a new bag until I sell an old one :yes: that way I can just say "oh I didn't spend any money - just used the money I made on the old bag" - works wonders every time :yahoo:
  15. No, no bags in hiding. Usually he is in on the purchase and wants to see the colour because he knows I don't usually get a brown or black one. I think the one he likes most is Rouille (before my 04 Twiggy, she was my favouritefavourite, so I think he cued in on that), but his favourite colour is green, so Emerald Twiggy got an "oooooo:huh:OO" when she debuted from the dustbag! : ) It was so cute : )

    I wish you well,

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