B-bags in Canada

  1. Hi everyone

    I was just wondering if ther are any Canadian b-bag fans who get their bags from a place other than Holt Renfrew. I currently reside in Vancouver and even with the new HR store open, their B-Bag selection is very very small. Just curious to see where else I can get one. I have noticed that most online stores such as NM and Saks don't carry Balenciaga bags, but are there any other sites that do?

    Also, curious to see how large of a price difference there is between buying it from the States and from Holts in Canada. Would it be worth a trip down south?

  2. Hi and welcome,
    You should post this in the Shoppng section. Also...do a search in this forum on Holt Renfrew and you'll get about 5 pages of hits:yes:
  3. I call Barneys in the states...Beverly hills OR Boston.....if they have it in stock and a credit card, they will ship it to me.....they are great at Barneys!!!!!
  4. Thanks for the heads up ladies! I will probably keep browsing HR every so often. : ]