B Bags @ Holt Renfrew Canada

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  1. Just a heads up I went to Yorkdale on friday and they had lots of BBags on sale. THey have an emerald first, a caramel twiggy and caramel work (or weekended didnt really look at it), and they had those small ones..i dont know the style name, smaller than the first. That came in Rouge Vif and Black.
  2. Hey eeyore,

    Do you remember how much % off they were?

  3. How much for the emerald first? This is not an online store, right?
  4. I can't believe that Holt's has put them on sale, they never do. Everytime I'm in there though they seem to be drowning in them. I wonder if Bloor has any on sale. I may have to make a call today;) .
  5. No, it's not an online store, but you can call them and they'll ship anywhere.:yes:
  6. No wonder... they are so ridiculously overpriced that no one's buying... :rolleyes: Good thing they are on sale though!!! Do you know how much they cost now?

    Honestly I don't know how much they're going for at Holt's (regular price), but if it's the same thing as this store in Montreal (forgot the name)... they're making a huge profit :Push:
  7. Nextnewface, are you talking about Giorgio Femme in Montreal? They are ridiculously overpriced!!!:cursing: Holt's is a little more fair, but it's still usually cheaper to order from a place like Aloha Rag or a reputable seller on ebay (and that's including customs charges).
  8. From what I remember the little ones were 999 on sale and the emerald first was 1100?? i honestly cannot remember, I went in for earrings and got sidetracked by the purses on sale..they have MJs too if anyone cares. If you call them im sure they can tell you, i'm going back on friday, i'll keep you posted..

    OH and the ink hook was there too! with the little whistle charm
  9. Yeah, that store... !!!! :wtf: I went a few months ago and asked if they had any Day bags... the SA looked me up and down (and I was dressed so nice! Even had my mom's speedy!!!!!) and said in a really cold voice that they didn't have it and that every style was sold out... I mean... excuse me for not knowing because I don't happen to live in Montreal... :rolleyes:
  10. I was at Yorkdale Holt's yesterday! I totally molested the emerald first :wtf: ha ha but it was on sale for $999 CAD... if i hadn't JUST bought one on ebay I would have scooped it up. They're usually $1495!!
  11. I didn't check if the wallets were on sale though... did anyone else check?
  12. Was at Holt's on Bloor yesterday and the ONLY thing they had left on sale was the really small purse (looks like the make up bag only a bit bigger with a tiny shoulder strap) in black for $549 CAD. Not bad and I was tempted, but probably because it was the only thing there, lol. The leather was okay, soft, but a little veiny. No wallets on sale (that's what I wanted). Oh, a chocolate brown Mattelesse (sp?) was on sale as well (around or above $1500 CAD).:smile:
  13. I think it's CHEAPER if you buy it in the states... instead of Holt Renfrew, because first & city are around teh same price $1500 + GST and for some PST...

    I got a brand new city from a reputable seller in the states, ended still saving a few hundred dollars (after customs fees and all)
  14. Oh yea I was in the Calgary Holt, quite a bit of selection... but the price just turned me off as I knew It's not that expensive!
  15. ^^ yeah, I agree Eping, the prices here are so high that you can order from the US instead, pay customs, and still save $$$. Kind of insane, but at least it keeps me from buying too many here.:smile: