B-bags, Goat skin or lamb skin???


Jun 11, 2006
I always thought it was Goat skin. But when I was at LMB today, the guy made a comment about how B-bags are very interesting and unique lamb skin and I corrected him and said it was goat. He shook his head and said some were lamb and some were goat. He said mine was goat skin but my friend's skin is lamb. I then pointed to some other bags and asked what they were because I had a hypothesis about what it could be and I think I might be right. My friend's bag is an 06 and he said it's lamb skin. Mine is an 05 and I pointed at the Sky Blue and Ice Blues since they are 05 bags as well and he said those are goat as well.

This is interesting since a lot of ladies complain about 06 leather feeling thin, more veiny, and not as soft, could it be because it is lamb and not goat skin?
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i always thought that's their way of 'price adjustment', lower the cost, keep the price tags same, thus making just as much, if not higher, profit *shrug*
Lamb or sheep skins are thinner and more veiny than goat. They are also liable to be fattier as animals, which leads to weaker fibres. As a result, they are often very soft but stretchy, and not as hard wearing, so are generally used on things that are not going to get a lot of wear (linings etc). Goat is much stronger, more tightly-fibred than sheep, whilst still being thin, light and soft to the touch.
Generally, the more hair on the animal, the thinner and weaker the hides underneath are. So a really woolly type of sheep (eg Merino) has lowest skin quality, whereas short hair sheep, eg from hot dry countries, have thicker skins, but only really suitable for gloves etc.
I would be suprised if it was lamb on a day bag (maybe on an evening clutch?). I don't know the style... so forgive me for rambling!!
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It sounds like the sales guy got mixed up, but didn't want to look stupid when challenged? Sounds like it's goat all round.
The differences you're seeing could simply be a different quality/size/thickness of skin/origin of the goat skin (North Africa or Middle East, for example).
The paper card with the year of production lists the type of leather used. Everything is in French, so Babel Fish is helpful.

Balenciaga's metallic bags are lamb "Agneau" and the regular motorcycle bags are goat skin "Chèvre". Throughout the years, Balenciaga has modified their leather processes, more distressing, less distressing, using chrome and oils...etc.

It's all good...I love the '01 leather on through the latest '06...back in S/S '06 I was worried that it all went to hell...but I got a few of them and over time the bags work into the amazing leather I expected. I think for F/W '06 they lightened up on the amount of buffing which created the super slick glazed effect...think of your nails...as so many girls were off-put immediately upon touching, seeing them hence the fabulous sales we've seen. Just my observation ;o)
Some people think a lamb is a type of goat?:lol:

I was told that goat skin is extremely durable yet soft and that is what is used in special military jackets that must be light in weight.
What bag does your friend have Liz? Is it a motorcycle bag? I thought all the motorcycle bags (except for the metallics) are goatskin, even the '06 ones? Some other styles, like the padded arena matelasses and whistle bags, (and metallics) are lambskin though...
Some people think a lamb is a type of goat?:lol:

That reminds me of this commercial back in September where there are these 2 Valley Girls and a SA in a shop. And one of the girls goes "What is this made of?" and the SA replied "Cashmere" and she goes "Oh, what is that made from?" and the other goes "A cow". They all nod in agreement. The the first girl goes "Is it the boy cow or the girl cow?" and the SA replies "The boy cow."

Then the commercial goes "If LA ever needed a County Faire, it's now"

For all you LA Valley Girls ;) cashmere comes from goats, and "boy cows" are called bulls.