B-bags Galore on Bluefly

  1. All the good colors are there, but no longer available! We're talking mustard, turquoise, seafoam, pistachio. Ouch!
  2. Well, that blew my "all the good stuff goes up on Wednesday morning" thread. I was right about the 6:30ish time though! Bluefly is trying to trick me!!:wacko: LOVE the teal one but someone already snagged it:sad:
  3. I have two teals in my cart and will be releasing one or perhaps both so stay tuned...
  4. I'm very leary of Bluefly right now.. Check out the "olive" bag. Is it supposed to have silver harware? You can zoom in on the rivits & they look legit though..
  5. OOOOOOH Valerie I was just going to take one of those teals too :sad:

    OOOOOOH It came back! Got it!
  6. Would love a teal! I have a couple in my cart, want to trade?
  7. Anyone grab a turquoise or seafoam? Still waiting for those to come back... Is the dark pink bubblegum or rose?

  8. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: - Congrats!:idea:
  9. OMG! Mine just got dumped out of my cart, in like 5 minutes.:evil:
  10. I'm so glad. I had been watching a twiggy on ebay and now this is the same price I would've paid. PLUS I had my 10% off coupon :smile:
  11. Does anyone think the olive on Bluefly is actually Dolma green? Check it out...
  12. Time for me to purchase before my cart dumps. I am releasing teal and bubble gum classiques in one min...
  13. Anyone got the TURQUOISE in their cart? Wanna trade for a RED or NAVY (presumably Ink) City?