B-bags: Classic colors VS. Bold colors?

  1. So i've come to the conclusion that you need one of each!:roflmfao: I used to be a classic color only gal: black city, black first, (thinking about a caramel city or grey city too). Then I saw Esile's beautiful Rouge Vif bag and it totally broke me! Now a new lust has developed, eggplant b-bags, Emerald b-bags, etc. I used to think for the price point it was better to play it safe. But now I think that in a perfect world a gal would just have to have some of both?

    So what's your poison? I know most of us would take ANY b-bag, but are you 51% 49% one way or the other? What tone b-bag do you love?
  2. before i only wanted a classic and darker colour... but after i got my magenta, i think i'm in love with brighter colour :P
    there's so many other designer IT bag that carried GREAT classic colour (like paddy, stam, spy, edith, chanel) , but somehow i think only b-bags can carry bright colours the best.
  3. seahorseinstripes ==you are so right!! i personally feel the exact same way.. i think only Balenciaga / Hermes carries the bright colours off really well.. buy your classic coloured bags from Chanel/fendi/MJ/Chloe etc!!! hehee..
  4. I'm more 51% towards classic and 49% towards bold color. My dream collection is to have a black First and City, and a rouge Day, and maybe a rouge vif First or City. But I know I'll be using the classic colors more often.
  5. def bold colors..... if i want classic colors, i can get other brands.....
  6. I yielded more towards the neutral colors at first too.. my first b-bag was the chocolate from Fall 2005 (after deciding it would be more interesting than black), then I got the calcaire but since then, both those bags are gone and all I have are colors. I love the colors and use it to compliment my wardrobe. I would like to get a black b-bag eventually but am not in a terrible hurry to get one since it's a staple color.
  7. I'm all about the bold, bright colours. One day I'd love to have bbags in every colour, but since my funds are limited, I'm sticking to colours for mow, rather than neutrals. I figure if the colours are bright enough, they'll not 'not go' with everything. :lol:
  8. i prefer bold bright
  9. I want both as I already have more bold colours my next will be a rouge vif and then I want a bright colour for spring 07.
  10. I think I love both : classic and bold :nuts: :shrugs: ...
  11. I love black bags because they are so wearable and easy, and as a huge clutz, they make my life easier not worrying if I'm going to scuff them or marke them up. That being said, I love a lot of the b-bag colors and am dying for a red city, which is the ultimate bold color--so I guess the answer is: BOTH!
  12. I prefer basic black...I must say I really love the new Balenciaga (The City) 2006 leather. It is so much more thicker and matte. It smells divine and is less veiny. I LOVE IT!
  13. I think the blakc city shows off the lines of the balenciaga mototrcyle design best, but the fun colors are what makes balenciaga so constantly intriguing and exciting!
  14. beaux, i didn't know that i broke you from black. ...but i'm glad and honored that i did. :angel: :lol:

    personally, i think because balenciaga is one of a few designers that offer bags in bright bold colors like turquoise, apple, anis, magenta, rouge, etc., it was a must to have these fun colors in my collection. if a person could only get one bag, i would i agree with waterfalls, get your neutral color bag from some other designer. but if a person could afford more than one balenciaga, i say get a bold and a neutral.;)
  15. Believe it or not...I don't have a black B-bag. My first b-bag was the 05-rouge and I became so intriged by the various colors, I never even considered buying it in black. Plus I already owned black bags (Gucci & Darel) so I didn't see the need to add a black B-bag to my collection.

    My B-bags are rouge, cornflower, pale pink, pewter, and sapin. And I'm on the hunt for a 04-marron hobo or weekender. :girlsigh: