B-bags at NM

  1. I just got back from vacation in Las Vegas and Scottsdale AZ. I stopped by the Scottsdale NM to meet my SA in person. I was surprised to see tons of B-bags in stock. If anyone is looking for any Spring colors - call Cathy at 480-990-2100 ext 2094.:biggrin:
  2. Do you still remember what color they have roughly? TIA
  3. ^ LOL kiara--aren't you still waiting for your shirise bags to arrive? :lol:
  4. Did you see an ink purse? I woke up this morning craving one.
  5. I know..... this forum really give me bad influence.... I think I need to stay away from the computer.... :biggrin:
  6. I am waiting to call Cathy (AZ is 3 hours behind MI), I know there was Rouge (the reddish/orangey color) and black, but my mind has blanked. I was there last Friday, and they had so much on sale - Chanel and the lizard Paddy - that I forgot the colors!
  7. Welcome back Ann!
  8. Hi Jag! I feel like I missed so much. No computer for a week. I can't believe I missed the Shiraz sale.:sad: I did come home to some goodies, but no Bbags.
  9. Ohhhhh, do tell!!! Shoot me a PM when you have time!:flowers:
  10. Here are the colors available:
    Beige, the red/orangey color, navy, dresden blue, emerald green and cognac.
    There are quite a few styles available. It sounds like there is a purse/shopper style as well.
    Have fun!:biggrin:
  11. Thanks for the info, anns... welcome back...what is shiraz sale? you mean shirise?
  12. Yup - I spelled it wrong. Shiraz is a restaurant down the street from me!
  13. :lol: I totally hear ya! BTW it looks like your collection is growing pretty fast too! I'd love to see a family pic as soon as you get your latest from shirise ;)
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