B-Bags at Barneys NY (Chestnut Hill)

  1. Okay ... to make up for the fact that I quite literally tore out of my office at work to get to the Barneys NY at the Chestnut Hill Mall (after I heard they had the Rouge Vif) ... I figured that I needed to post the fact that they still have a fair amount of bags left (sorry ... they aren't on sale, but I know that some of you are still looking for these colors/styles). So, here it goes and advance pardon as my memory is a little faulty (due to my extreme excitement after scoring the Rouge Vif bag!!).

    2006 Pre-Spring & Spring
    • Lilac - Work, City, Box, Twiggy & First
    • Cornflower Blue - Work, First and {I think} City
    • Rouille - Weekender, Work, City and First
    • White - Courier
    • Black - Courier & Purse
    • Grey (Gris Fonce) - Work and City
    • Ink - First
    2006 Fall !!!
    • Truffe - Weekender, Work, Mini Compagnon & Mini Coin Purse
    • Grenat - Work and First (if I remember correctly, there was another style available, but for the life of me - I can't remember!)
    • Greige - Work
    • Rouge Vif - First (oops ... sold ... TO ME!!)
    Now ... my thoughts on the Fall colors/leather:
    • Truffe - I had high hopes for this color (based on the LuisaviaRoma PDF). Unfortunately, it didn't live up to my expectations ... I thought it had too much of a olive undertone and the leather was so smooth that IMHO ... it looked fake. This was true for all the Truffe bags.
    • Grenat - beautiful color!!!!! Looked very much like the 2005 Pre-Fall Bordeaux but a little more brown. Leather was better than the Truffe, but not as crinkly/distressed as I usually like it. I would highly recommend this color though.
    • Greige - a very light Grey; frankly, I didn't like it. It reminded me of the Silver (Argent) color ... more on the light/silver side whereas the 2006 Spring Grey (Gris Fonce) is darker and is more reminiscent of the Pewter color (I've been mulling over this one).
    • Rouge Vif - absolutely STUNNING!!! In my opinion, this color is bound to be one of the classics like the Mustard, Anis, Eggplant, etc.
    The Barneys/Chestnut Hill # is: (617) 969-5354 ... ask for Peter (he's the *B*E*S*T* S/A there!!!)

    Good luck!!!!

  2. I can't believe I just read this. I just hung up with Peter. I LOVE HIM TOO! :biggrin:
  3. Grenat - Work and First (if I remember correctly, there was another style available, but for the life of me - I can't remember!)

    It was the day/hobo
  4. Ceejay- Thanks for the update. I love the way you color coded the bags.
  5. thanks for the report, ceejay!
  6. Thanks for posting, Ceejay! Congrats again your bag! :smile:
  7. Thanks zacorey ... in my enthusiam for the Rouge Vif, I totally looked "through" everything else!!!
  8. I do love Monica (my sardinian friend) also!! Poor Peter ... I told him he was going to probably be inundated with phone calls!!!
  9. oh, ceejay... i've already told you on tfs, but congrats on your fire engine classique.:love: i'm sure Barney's will get flooded with calls soon and they have you to thank.;)
  10. Thanks for the info, Ceejay and congrats on your new addition!
  11. Thanks for the report and leather review:smile:) Congrats on your rouge First!!!