B-bager's - WHATS YOUR HIDDEN TALENT! Hobbies, Skills, Quirks

  1. Heres a thread we can all have some fun with (if you dare to tell)

    Share your hidden talent with the rest of the forum...

    Whether its being able to do the splits or stuff your feet into your mouth do tell!

    I will get the ball rolling ;)


    I can make some pretty real sheep and horse noises!
  2. Well I don't keep my talent that hidden; you are pretty accurate fashion - I can do the splits AND stuff my feet into my mouth (I'm a dancer!) and I sing too!
    Now for my hidden talent or party trick you may call it; I can burp louder than anyone else - ever.
    Oh also, I forget names so easily (like in 5 mins) but seem to remember what people were wearing at certain events even if it was 6 years ago....
  3. Well, it isn't really "hidden" but sort of, because no one except my husband will go with me...I'm a rock climber! Yup, I scale granite walls (big ones!) for fun...:nuts:

    The coolest feeling in world!!!
  4. I can lie on my back on the bottom of the ocean while scuba diving and blow air rings that make it to the surface. Drives my husband NUTS!!!!!!
  5. :roflmfao: you should move to New Zealand and help us out with some sheep farms... j/ks!
  6. At the same time? Heheheh...

    You must be veeeeeeeery flexible!
  7. Yeah, I'd get along with them really well!

    I used to go to my Aunts farm and make the noises to her sheep... and I think that they really thought I was legit!
  8. ooo! I can make a very realistic "cat coughing up a hairball" noise, and can fit my whole fist in my mouth....and put my feet behind my head and play the drums on my butt....hahahah....

    Fashion-cult: we should get to together and record a CD for animals....ahhaha
  9. Well, it's not as interesting as the rest but I can grown anything. I have lots of Orchids, Bromeliads, Plumerias, rare Palms, etc. I have a VERY GREEN THUMB.

  10. You are so lucky! I cannot grow ANYTHING! nothing. everything dies. I once planted some mums for my mom, and even those hardy plants DIED!
  11. Sounds like a PLAN! Hehehehe:choochoo:
  12. SHOPPING- hidden because my husband doesn't know it
  13. I'm not a dancer, but I can do splits and stuff my toes in my mouth, as well. I can also pick up coins and other small/light objects, and pinch my husband on the leg (or elsewhere), with my toes. Amazingly enough, my daughter can do the picking-up-stuff-with-the-toes thing, too! :smile:
  14. I'm an excellent signature forger. Obviously not something I talk about every day. Yikes!
  15. I can burp like a man:graucho: