B-bag you love, but will probably never purchase

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  1. I adore white b-bags - how crisp and fresh they look. That being said I'll probably never own one. (not a hating thread) more like: b-bags you like to admire on others or from a afar! :flowers:
  2. Can't believe I'm going to say this ... but I love this seasons deeply saturated Sapphire and Amethyst... but would never be able to pull those colors off.
  3. ^^That's why the Balenciaga gods created mini mini coin purses'! LOL
  4. hahah... I'd have a bunch of mini mini coins in my bBags.. w/ nothing in them! LoL
  5. I would say the bubblegum colorways and the intense yellow colorways. Fabulous colors difficult for me to wear. Great on some!
  6. Probably just white. Sometimes I think I would never buy a bag in a cetain color and then I see gorgeous pictures in this forum and I must have that bag. This is what happened with Sapphire. Now it is one of my favorite bags.
  7. ITA! I :heart: Bubblegum but would probably never end up wearing it... I'd just have to take a picture of it and keep it in my Anthracite wallet :P!
  8. I'm with you, beaux. I love how fresh they look against a summery outfit, but cringe at how easily they get dirty. Ivory is another that I love and might consider because they look great yr round but am ambivalent because of the "yellowing" factor.
  9. Same for me, sweety!:yes: I have a White SGH Flat Clutch which I love but I always Appleguard it and clean after every use so I end up rarely using it. I love,love,love the look of a crisp White City (and also Hermes Birkin by the way:P) but don't think I'll ever buy one cuz I really, really dislike dirty white bags :smile:
  10. I love the new ruby, but I realized I wouldn't carry it :sad:
  11. The last time there was a thread like this, I said I wouldn't buy an Applegreen Bag - it's fabulous but I just don't think that I'd be able to carry it off. And a white Bbag. But I'm about to purchase a White Floral.

    So who knows? I might just want an AG bag in future.
  12. Thanks for that feed back Marie. I've been oogling a SGH argent flat clutch but am hesitating for the reasons you give. :shame: Will I manage to keep it clean and will I be brave enough to wear it? :shrugs: So yes, I have the same hesitation about light coloured bags even though they look so great!
  13. Probably a GH clutch. I love the way they look but I can't justify spending that much on a bag I would only wear at night and not very often at that.
  14. I've always loved magenta (2005), and I've had numerous opportunities to own one, but I just don't think I would use a magenta bag often enough. I've really tried to be better about acquiring bags that I'll use and not just cherish as they sit in their dustbags never seeing the light of day.
  15. Electric yellow work...so amazing- yet so not coming home with me.