B-BAG worn w/o the TASSELS?

  1. So checking out Sienna's b-bag (see my other thread all about her bag!) - I noticed that she took the tassels off her b-bag classique. (in addition to taking off the strap).
    I wear my City w/o the strap - I like it better without it - but now i'm thinking of trying it w/o the tassels too. (just for some outfits). It has a cleaner look - I could always just put them back on again.

    Is this a deadly sin? Does anyone else take off and then re-tie their tassels on? Has anyone taken them off all together (a la Sienna)?

    Just wondering?
  2. I think that Sienna's tassles probably were torn to shreds with wear, that's probably why they were removed.

    But sure, go ahead and try it! ;) it can't hurt!

    I personally love the tassles though.
  3. Aww... I love the dangling tassels!! That's the best part of it!! :graucho: