B bag sunnies!

  1. Just on NM's site looking around and found these. I knew there were spy sunnies but not these. There were 3 styles. I don't have a fendi b bag but thought they were cute, very different
  2. yes, these have been around for a while now. I actually managed to pick up a pair of the more rectangular frames last month at Nordstrom for $99! Very excited.
  3. Thats a great deal! I think they're cute. I'll have to check them out.
  4. Pic Lit? :rolleyes:
  5. Hi ladies!
    I'm normally in the Marc Jacobs section...but came to the Fendi Section to make a post about Fendi B sunglasses. I was at the Nordstrom Rack in Dulles, VA yesterday and they had two styles of the Fendi B glasses for 64.95!! They also had a few other pairs of Fendi glasses that were really cute too.

    I bought a pair, so if anyone would like to see pictures, let me know!

    Just thought I'd pass along :flowers:
  6. I bought these today in black with the white arms! Very cute!
  7. I have them as well, I bought them At Saks OFF for $89.00 and I love'em
  8. I bought the same ones last week at Nordstrom. Brown with brown lenses and black buckle. The last pair. The SA said they received them for Christmas and they were $99.00 Asked if they were ever full price and she said she had them about 7 months ago for around $275.00 and they were very popular.

  9. WTH - How did everyone get them so cheap and I just paid full price?? I did return them though, they were a little uncomfy on me.
  10. ohhh - I just got a pair of these for a 'whopping' $36! I soooo loved the B Bag a few yrs ago and this is my lil taste of the gorgy buckle. LOVE these!
  11. Lucky! How come everybody else gets all the deals?
  12. Yeah, I love these! They are so cute!