B- Bag shopping...I'm back!

  1. :yahoo: I had the best day...!!!

    Sunshine, great compagny and a shop to visit.
    What do you want more in live.:wlae:

    I went to Aix (en Provence). The shop is pretty nice and the guy very knowledgable he laughted when he saw me pull out my list with the colorswatches to prepare spring.
    They did have a fair amount of choice, a lot of whites though.

    For the first time I tried on a day, which looks really great.
    It was also the first time I saw a twiggy IRL.
    Both styles are perfect.

    I love Bal more and more.

    And then he went down to show me what he had put aside for me :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:.........................
  2. :nuts: 0o0o0o0o.... what is it??? :nuts:
  3. I saw it and it was totally :heart: at the first sight.......
    I can't believe it yet I'm so happy:yahoo:!

    Actually there were three to choose from but he had picked exactly the one for me, the leather needs a little conditioning but I don't mind since I prefer "character" and love to take care of my new baby...........
    So shall I tell you?
  4. catcat!! what is it!! sounds :drool: :angel:
    oh i wanna know!! plz dont make us wait so long l:huh::huh::huh:l i am going for my holiday break tom. i demmand knowing before i leave lo:huh::huh:Ool :yes: :P
  5. :wlae: weeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeee another guessing game.... :graucho: hmmmm, lets see - my guess is: DAY colour: something netural????
  6. a griege city :confused1: :heart:
  7. soooo i guess you went for a rouge vif!!!!!!!
    but please tell us!!!!!!!! i'm waiting for a drool-fest here!!!:drool:
  8. Hmmm...leather needs a little conditioning....I'm guessing Ink Day!?!? ;)
  9. (Hi, I'm back, I have been away for a few days.)

    CATCAT, will you stop it torturing us? It's been almost 24h since you've got it!IF YOU DON'T TELL US, :greengrin: JE T'ETRANGLE :greengrin: !!!
    (which means I am going to strangle you. Sorry girls but I thought it would have been more effective on her in french...:shame: )
  10. This is torture - show us.....please
  11. Catcat pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:drool:
  12. Ohhh.. tell us!!! I'm dying to know!!
  13. Yep really neutral. ;)

    She didn't want me to take a phonepic (my camera will not be back to use until later). So I promised her to tell you that she was far more beautiful IRL!!!

    Oh what a diva.

    So here she is my new girl:
  14. I love it ... a thread with suspense. Look forward to seeing what you bought!
  15. catcat your new baby is gorgeous! Congratulations!