B-bag shopping countdown 48 h from now...what color, which bag will make it home???

  1. I'm so excited :yahoo: in just two days , 48h I will head off to a larger city (about 2h drive), since I do live pretty much in the middle of nowhere by french standards at least.
    And I will go b-bag shopping my girls will be in scool, the little one with mother in law and a good friend and me will be on our way.

    My Ink work will get her first sister! :yahoo:

    So ladies, I've put a rouge vif city on hold but really don't know if the bag will match my expectations. (They just have one left) Or if I will pull back not bringing up the courage to go for red.

    My other options are as yesterday (maybe not there anymore by then):

    griege twiggy
    camel twiggy
    tobacco twiggy

    griege city
    grenat city

    camel work

    rouge vif day...

    What do you think I will come home with ?

    If you want to guess please feel free.
  2. If you don't get red, my guess is greige city, if that's not there, camel Twiggy.
  3. i hope you come back with a twiggy!!!
  4. mmm I'd get a greige city or twiggy if I didnt get the rouge city!
  5. catcat, good luck, i know hard these decisions are. after all the girls in my poll told me i should consider adding some spice (rouge vif) to my neutral bag collection, i have really been thinking about it. but i agree, i have to see it in real life first. i saw a RV first the other day and the color was too much, very bright, not rich like the ones i have seen on here. so i am now considering a rouge vif or greige twiggy. i think you'd like camel twiggy too, but yes get a twiggy!
  6. ^^ my vote's for the rouge VIF day!!! :yahoo:
    DSCF4117 REV.jpg
  7. Only 48 hours to go :party:. I feel like a kid before christmas, hope I won't end up empty handed.

    Hmmm a lot of twiggylovers here. I've never seen one IRL and can't wait.

    Bal Newbie:

    I hope the RV will look like the pictures I've seen here, if not greige and camel, yep why not


    Would be great to see a nice city in greige.


    Your day looks great. Again I've never seen one IRL so it will be great to check it out.
    A funky bag in a funky color, hmm sounds good too + a griege smth...:upsidedown:
    Now I'm getting carried away.:lol:
    Re'member :angel: Cat spring colors will be out soon.
  8. I vote for grenat city or the rouge Vif city. I can't wait to see what you come back with.
  9. Only 41 more hours to go.;)

    I need to get a life. Good that I have to take my daughter to acting lesson!

    First vote for grenat hmmm another one that I've never seen IRL...
  10. Since you already have a work bag I don't think you will end up with a second one for your second bag. I'm thinking either the rouge vif Day or the camel Twiggy. Both are great bags.
  11. I say go for the griege city. I love it!!
  12. My vote's for the Tobacco Twiggy.
  13. I hope it's a Greige Twiggy! I didn't like my Greige City but for some reason I am looooooving it in the Twiggy!
  14. Only 32 hours left :yahoo: !

    twiggy, city, twiggy, city, day, twiggy, city, twiggy, city, day...I love that song.

    Hmmm al these twiggy lovers.......
  15. Rouge Vif City !!!

    Mine needed a brother and your Ink Work convinced me !!!
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