B-Bag Sale....Mini Bowling and Bowling

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  1. They have a Bowling on sale in Brown. They don't know what color, just Brown. Does anyone have the bowling bag...if so what do you think? Pictures?

    They also have the Bowling in Black, the Mini Bowling in Black, a bunch of Matelasses, the Whistle and the mini Whistle in Black. Private message me if you want the sales associates number.
  2. KAOKim, where was the sale? Thanks!!!
  3. I noticed that there are a couple of threads about the bowling and mini bowling. Will post a photo of my blueberry bowling again for your reference. I hope it helps.

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  4. How much is a mini bowling?

    Are these sales at Saks?
  5. Here's a photo that gives you an idea of the size of the mini bowler:


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  6. has anyone seen them on sale at ANY dept store? Please let me know which color and location? TIA