B-Bag Rotation

  1. I try to use all my bags (obviously some are carried more than others). One thing that I have noticed now that I have both the twiggy and city style is how I wish I could take the two and somehow incorporate their best features. For example, I absolutely love my rouge 05 city shape, but much prefer the inside pocket of my bordeaux twiggy ( I love how large the pocket is for keys, etc.).

    However, there are times when there is just no substitute for my super slouchy hip black day/hobo. I love how every style serves such a specific purpose (for me anyway).

    What style do you like the best, and why? :idea:
  2. in paris, the city was best for me. i could go from my courses to shopping with it. it held my books and notebooks, as well as my wallet, ipod, cell phone, etc. the front pocket was perfect for my apt key and my imagine-R
    in the states, i find myself preferring the first as i'm not usually walking around with all of my belongings at once, so it's the perfect size for my essentials. if i have errands, then i err towards the twiggy, but very seldom the city :smile:
    for going out, though, no matter where i am, the first is best. i have also taken my black city out with me too.
    i would really like to add a voyage to my collection though! i think it looks great and it fits perfectly on my shoulder, which i was surprised to discover
  3. I am torn equally between the City and Twiggy as well, for the same reasons as you. Why on earth do they make the pockets so small on the City????

    I'm going to try the Day next, I think (after my BI Twiggy or possibly City). I think that will suit me well. :smile:
  4. Glimmer; that is too funny that you find the same thing annoying. Oh, and I absolutely have the biggest crush on John Krasinski (aka Jim). He is my biggest crush. :love:
  5. Definitely my twiggy, but mostly because I tend to carry less stuff on a day-to-day basis. If I carried more stuff, hence needed a bigger bag I'd definitely prefer the city.

    Plus, my 04 twiggy is so soft and smooshy compared to my 06 city. I'm torn though because I feel like in order to get my city like my twiggy I need to just use it.
  6. Ahhhhh me too (obviously!). The whole Jim/Pam thing makes me melty.
    :love: :love: :love:

    I can't wait until the 21st!
  7. I only have the Twiggy because I :heart: her so. She carries all my day to day stuff without looking overstuffed and I love the shape. But I do try and rotate my bags so that the colours get equal wear. Harder to do than I thought!

    I wish you well,

  8. I usually carry my twiggy, I find it's the perfect size for me. I love the slouchiness of it and it never looks like it's "too full". When I have books and bigger items, I carry my courier, but it hasn't been getting too much attention lately.
  9. i've really down sized my collection. i am just happy with the small firsts for evening and large works and weekenders for everyday bag. i still have my bordeaux twiggy because that one is sentimental.
  10. I am sooooo in love with my Grenat Day! :love:Needless to say, it is super slouchy and the shoulder strap actually stays put on my shoulder without slipping:yahoo:and it really can carry tonnes of stuff!!:nuts:Great as a baby bag!
  11. i love been using my twiggy almost everyday. when i first started getting into b-bag, i wasn't that crazy about the style but now, it is one of my favorite.
  12. I just love my work it's just so convenient for work and I love it when it's not too stuffed but I do use my cities very often. The purse I haven't used that much but that's more because of the colour, her days will come in fall/winter. The first I use less than anything else just for a night out. I'd like to add a twiggy to my collection but deep in my herat I'm a city girl.
  13. First for evening, work for the day. I am a big bags fan and I am thinking to add the voyage to my collection :drool:
    Sad to say that I am not using my grenat city as much as I thought :crybaby:
  14. While I still adore my Work bags, lately the Day has been my bag of choice. I adore the shoulder strap, the size and the extra large interior and exterior pockets. :yes:
  15. i have a first, a city and a twiggy. between the first and the city, it's very clear to me that the city is the perfect day bag, it also fits perfectly A4 papers and folders without having to fold them.the first is a very good afternoon bag. the twiggy i find a bit problematc because of the way the zippers don't open the whole top of the bag and this makes me have to dig around for stuff to find it, while in the first and the city it's easier.since i usually carry lots of small stuff i need to find it quickly, the twiggy is not an "easy" bag for me...