B-Bag Report from Barneys NY / Copley (Boston, MA - USA)

  1. Sorry for the delay ... after my early departure (to get to the store when the doors opened) and then having to weave in/out of all the crowds (unbeknownst to me, there was an International Lions Club convention in town) ... and then ... worse ... taking 1 1/2 hours to get home using the lovely 'T' (our subway system which totally sucks!), I quite literally flopped down on the bed in our air-conditioned bedroom and fell FAST ASLEEP!!!

    Because of the convention, there weren't that many people in the stores (which was lovely ... I had less competition!).

    Anyhow, to the best of my memory, here it goes (note: this is as of Saturday, July 1 - a.m.):
    • Grenat: Work, City and First (sorry gals - I bought the Weekender)
    • Rouge Vif: there was only ONE Rouge Vif First ... PERIOD (I'm starting to think that the S/A at BNY-Chestnut Hill was right in that they ordered very few bags in this color)
    • Greige (the light beige-Grey color): there were TONS of this color in all different styles. From what I've heard from the S/A's in both BNY locations (Chestnut Hill & Copley), the general reaction to this color is not positive. Most people do not like it (I have a sneaking suspision we might be seeing these on *sale* tables later in the year!)
    • Sapin (Forest Green): what a FAB color; I was really surprised at how nice this color is ... frankly, I like it a heck of a lot better than the Emerald! Anyhow, they had 1 First and 1 City ... that's it.
    • Truffe (Olive-Brown): Yuck, yuck - triple-yuck!!! Can you tell that I do not like this color??? Yet again, the leather on these bags is the WORST (smooth, shiny, color is uneven). What was really interesting, is that they had a Weekender and a Work. The Weekender color was almost a dark brown whereas the Work (which had the really *fake-y* looking leather) was almost Olive!!). The S/A's have said that all the reports that they've gotten on this color/leather has not been positive at all; there is great inconsistencies in the color and the leather on these bags is the worse of the entire season! I have yet to see one of these that I like and you know what ... I'm actually quite happy about that only because it means that I won't be on the hunt to buy another bag!!
    • Black: TONS of black bags in every style (some could also be from the Pre-Spring/Spring season). The only Black that I didn't see was in the Courier style.
    • Ink: also TONS of Ink bags still available, including the Purse style. No Ink Courier however.
    • Cornflower Blue: not too many of these left - if I remember correctly, there was a First and City(?) ... no Courier.
    • Lilac: not too many of these left; I believe the only one was in the Box style.
    • White: very few available - the only ones there were the small Hook bag and Courier (the only Courier left).
    • Rouille: a First and City was still available.
    • Cognac: the large Hook bag was the only Cognac bag available.
    • Pale Rose: if I remember correctly, the only one left was the medium Hook bag
    • Emerald: none - for some strange reason, neither Barneys ever received the Emerald color!
    None of the other Pre-Fall/Fall colors were available yet, however, they told me that they are starting to get shipments in on a daily basis. For information on the bags, my S/A is: Paula - she's at (617)385-3330 (direct line). Good luck!
  2. CeeJay - You're making me want the rouge vif right now! LOL! I saw the Sapin this weekend too and was surprised at how much I liked the color! It's so much more beautiful than the swatch!
  3. If you truly want it, you should call immediately ... I can't even be 100% sure if it's still there at this moment. There are SOOOOOOOO many tourists in Boston right now and while all the University graduations are done (Harvard is always the last graduation), there are still a lot of folks who seem to have stuck around (while us "locals" are thrilled to see all those U-Haul trucks ... "take them AWAY!!").

    I think that they open at 12:00 on Sundays ...
  4. CeeJay, I always appreciate your descriptive and detailed reports, especially the color coding! Thanks for letting us know. :flowers:
  5. ceejay, as usual great report! bummer about the truffle and greige. i see, still lots of variations in the leather. please, post pics of your grenat weekender. i would love to get a weekender, but still unsure if i should go for one of the new colors or wait around for an old color to pop up! there were no blueberry? curious if there's alot of variations on those too. congrats!
  6. Thank you so much for your post, ceejay! Your posts are always so wonderfully descriptive and informative! Congrats on your new weekender, too! I'd love to see pics!:biggrin:
  7. Thanks for the info, Ceejay! Btw, if someone wants a white First there is one available at NM in White Plains, NY. The leather on that bag was gorgeous!
  8. ceejay ~ thank you for the report! how does the grenat compare to the 05 bordeaux?
  9. Thanks CJ!!! We're there any couriers? Doesn't sound like it! I never made it there this weekend to look but I was so happy to see your report!!!
  10. Great report!