b-bag prohibited to be sent to Italy? (as all leather goods)

  1. I have a problem. I have bought a b-bag from a lovely seller , but when she went to the usps post office they told her that leather goods are prohibited to be sent into Italy (they even said it doesn't make any difference if the bag is just normal leather and that it was made in Italy).

    This just sounds ridiculous.

    I thought this applied only to exotic protected leathers.

    Have any of you ever sent leather goods to Italy from outside the EEC, or have any of you in living in Italy ever received leather goods from abroad?

    Does anybody exactly know what rules apply, wich law, or where I can get some information about that?

    Thanks everybody.
  2. I've received a bag from the Us.... A drama!!!!
    Before receiving it i had to wait 2 months....and i paid 100€ for a declared value of 500$....
    But i never heard about what you have written..
    Ask to the seller to use FedEx or similar.... i've received a bag from Nhelle ( who lives in the Philippines) ...5 days and no fees to pay...
  3. I sent a $1900 Chloe bag to a buyer in Italy 3 months ago via Fedex with No problems. I think she received it in 4 days and didnt have to pay any fees.
  4. Hmm, I also sent a leather bag to Italy last month fine with no problems. I did mark it as a low value gift though...
  5. Mine was marked as a gift (even though I never do that normally) but I did declare it for the full value and insure it for that. If it got lost I would want to make sure I got all my money back to reimburse the buyer.
  6. Thank you girls for sharing all your experiences.
    You made me feel better, I understand now it must have been some kind of error, and you all reinforced my opinion: the employee's behaviour at that post office was ridiculous!

    Wow! I am the only person who doesn't manage to get her bag from the states!!!

    I really hope the person who will ship the bag will have no problem with another post office...
  7. hi there....
    i found this on usps webiste as restriction to send to italy.
    Country Conditions for Mailing - Italy

    you will see on the list is "leather goods". i dont think this is some rule that usps made up (yes ladies for the first time, i am pro usps). this must be some agreement between countries. IMO, italy does not want people to send leather goods to italy to protest their leather business. i dont know if this makes sense to you, but it does to me.

    good luck
  8. me_love: I have known of this list for a long time. Somehow it is more restrictive than what is reality. I buy things from Ebay and US online shops all the time and had never problems whatsoever. When I bought a leather bag from Adasa.com (a Botkier) I was called by UPS Customs office in Italy and asked to fill a short document that I sent via email to them. In fact, the prohibition is for leather of endangered species, protected by the so-called "Washington Agreement", at least here in Italy.

    Maybe, but this is only a possibility, couriers have a more modern legislation and agree to ship more things to Italy, whereas post has or had stricter rules and some post office keep up with them?

    PS I also got footwear, jeans, haberdashery, perfumery goods and toys and had no problems. Judging on the things listed, this must be really an old list and maybe there is some kind of new convention now that is less restrictive?

    Edit: I've been reading around in newsgroups on this mater and it seemd A) that the list is out of date and B) that it is specifically a USPS list.

    So For any doubt, people from the US can try to send leather with other means and not through post.