b-bag productions

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  1. I'm new to all this. Just wondering, what is the production qty for each style each colour? anyone can enlighten me?
  2. No...Balenciaga doesn't release that info as far as I know. One exception to that is the limited edition magenta that's coming out in August...that will be a production of about 200-300 (I've heard conflicting reports).
  3. According to my local Balenciaga boutique, it depends on what buyers order. Buyers get to preview the collection about 2 seasons in advance and place their orders. Balenciaga will produce the numbers necessary to meet these orders. Since the production is done quite far ahead, there is no re-ordering of styles/colours once they are sold out. So if buyers read the market wrongly, they could end up with lots of unsold bags (e.g. GH), while making other styles/colours a rarity.

    With limited editions, I think certain countries work with Balenciaga to come up with the styles/colours and production is again limited to the orders placed. There have been limited editions for HK and Japan in the past, and now magenta for NY.
  4. ^^I wonder how they picked Magenta?
  5. This is correct...it's all based on the orders placed during the pre-order period from all of the authorized sellers. For example, S/S 08 orders should start late June or early July and the colors for that season will be announced at that time as well.
  6. Thanks for the starting this thread, sooks. I didn't know this is how they do things. I can't wait to see the new colors IRL. I wish I had a secret source on the inside to find out what the colors would be for the next season :ninja:
  7. I will let you all know what they are when I find out;)
  8. Cool, thanks! This is an interesting thread.
  9. Fascinating thread!!

    So if they only make as many as are ordered, I wonder if that drives the color palatte offered for the following season?? Or is that more of a fashion thing?

  10. Bump! More info anyone? :smile: