B-Bag Prices in Germany, Austria?

  1. I'm going again through Munich and Vienna (two of my absolute favoruite cities) on a trip to Budapest this summer and of course what's my first thought but buying b-bags cheaper, lol. I can't seem to find the threads where this might have been discussed so I apologize if this is a boring duplicate of a previous thread:sweatdrop:

    I doubt I can find B-Bags in Budapest (I've already loaded the address for the LV boutique into my Blackberry though) but please if anyone can correct me, do so!
    I saw that there are stores in Munich and in Vienna that carry B-Bags. I know I can claim the VAT back at the airport but how are the prices compared to the US? Here in Canada they are RIDICULOUS but I am holding out hope for a good ol' EU discount...:graucho:
  2. My RH city from Theresa in Munich was 945 EUR including 19% sales tax. So that would be 794.11 EUR = 1032.35$ w/o tax. Not exactly a great deal :sad:

    We have it rough here in Germany ;)

    sorry I don't know about other styles... you should ask Tanja! I bet she knows!

    btw: have fun on your trip!
  3. Danke Schon my dear...that's already about $500 less than buying it in Canada, and $150 less than in the US! This is good news:graucho: .
    Whereabouts in relation to the Marienplatz is this Theresa store?
  4. Bitteschön :yes: I know you Canada gals have it bad! The prices are just so unreasonable! But I thought a city was 995$ + tax in the US?

    Hmmm sorry, I have only been there once because I live in the north of Germany. I just looked it up on mapquest, took a subway (or whatever they have there) train and then asked my way through the city center :p. Maybe someone else here can help?

    Theresa is a sweet little store IMO! When I was there in January they only had the F/W 07 bags in GH. They had around 15 bags out maybe. They also had some 06 bags on sale (33% off). I don't know if they ordered any RH bags for S/S 07.
  5. Oh wow! Thats nice..:heart:
    Im here in Vienna and there is aboutique that carrys them..
    The good thing about it is that people do not care about bbags to much in austria so, with a bit of luck ull find styles that are sold out or long gone there...
    I do think that the prices are about the same as in Germany..(Maybe a lil less..i dunno..)
    It would be so cool if u came ova stylefly..:jammin:
  6. The city costs 965€ right now and Theresa doesn't carry the normal bbags this season but they will get them for fall/winter. The store is in walking distance to Marienplatz. If you want we can meet and I show it to you. I live in Munich so it wouldn't be a problem at all.:yes:
    Theresa is the only store in Munich who carries Bbags.
  7. AWESOME!!!:nuts:
    I will PM you closer to the end of June- it would be great if we could make it work!
    And it sounds like it's quite a bit less to buy there...:graucho:
  8. Perfect! I'll be definetely here and I'm really looking forward in meeting you:yahoo:
  9. I'm in Austria and the grass green first was 960€-ish, bigger ones (I THINK city, something big enough to carry A4, I'm not that familiar with b bag styles yet) 1160€ ish, I'm going to look again that weekend. but france is definitely cheaper...
  10. Hi, what about prices for LV in Austria versus Germany? Any good tips?
  11. A 2007 giant gh Day costs 1550 Swiss Francs (CHF) or 956 EUR or 1290 USD. If I import it's usually more expensive (shipping, customs). HTH! :smile:
  12. I am going to move this to shopping for now.

    Fiat had a great idea to compile the prices in EUR and this will give me a good start. :tup:
  13. I not sure whether you are going to get near Hamburg on your trip, but here goes anyway:p
    At Petra Teufel in Hamburg a city costs 949 euros and a first costs 749 euros. I'm not sure whether it's a better price than in Canada but it's a lot cheaper than in Denmark.