B-bag - popular in other countries?

  1. I'm from the netherlands and I never saw someone with a authentic one, only fakes
  2. ^^Really! Interesting....
  3. Toronto, Canada, maybe have seen less than 5. My sister doesn't count, or else I would say 10000 times.
  4. Im from a small village in the middl of the english countryside and have never seen another, only inspired rubbish!!!!!
  5. I am live in Essex, England (origionally from london), I have never seen a 'real' bbag in essex - I saw an 'inspired' one today - my friend was carrying it, however when I was in London just before christmas I saw an authentic ink box it was tdf.
  6. Humm, it sounds like b-bags (authentic) are more a city girls bag? Or maybe that's just because that's where it's easy to purchase them???
  7. I'm from Thailand, for now, hardly see the REAL one but fakes are all around... at least there is pommy from Thailand on this board too... so glad to meet her....
  8. I'm from BKK but haven't been back there for four years now
    Currently I'm in NJ & Philly -- rarely see AUTHENTIC B-Bag:sad:
  9. i'm from K.S.A and it's very popular here especially the last two years. i rarely see fakes.
  10. From the Philippines, saw some carried by women in high end malls.

    Rarely see them but I know they are in high demand here. Lots of fakes sold.
  11. I'd say the typical owner is young, trendy, she has the typical cool-parisian-with-money style.
    She was maybe wearing the Charlotte 2 years ago (definitely "played out" that one)
    Where I live (countryside in Denmark) only saw 2 authentic in the past 6 months.....too rare not to be noticed !
  12. Singapore.I have 2 groups of friends who are sharp and very up dated with their balenciagas. And I have another group who can't tell the diff between one bought from the boutique and one bought from Far East Plaza :lol:( A shopping mall in Singapore with lots of teenagers hanging around. ) One of them had bluntly asked me "how much did U pay for this bag? I hope not too much as Far East Plaza is selling them at 40 plus!"
  13. I was about to say! It seems that every other person on the Metro is carrying LV, Gucci, Coach or the Fendi Zucca print ones -- can't say if they're real or replicas, but those seem to be the most popular ones around. Saw someone at my Gold's Gym carrying an authentic Fendi Spy...:shrugs:
  14. catcat, I LOVE your avatar! Imagine that...Bbags growing on trees.:idea: I'd plant a hectare full of them if they existed!!! :rolleyes: :idea: :yahoo:
  15. :yes: It's popular in Japan.